PSP Groups/Forums


My friend from Brazil, KaDismal’s Blog.  Graphics and Tuts:   You may need a translator, it’s mostly in Portuguese. :)


Animation Lessons : Where you can learn to animate anything!  Fun, friendly peeps!


Shal’s World Tutorials and More!   


Country Bug Tutorials ~  Great tuts!



Leather And Lace Tuts ~ 

GlitterDebs Glitter World Tutorials and Other Fabby Stuff ~
BullDust PSP Tutorials: 

JoesWifes Tutorials : Scads of tuts to do.

  Schnegges’s Tags and Tuts.

 Dee’s Sign Depot.

WovenGrafx : Wonderful Site with lots of tutorials.  My fav’s are the Frame tuts!

Horseplay’s Pastures : Great place for tuts, and lots more!

LKDesigns : Tag Tuts by LK.

Moon’s Designs : Tutorials.

BK Designs : Barb Kermis’ Playhouse.  PSP Tubes, Tuts and tons more!

Designs by Vaybs : Tutorials, Scraps and Masks.

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