Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Where Does Time Vanish To?

Gosh, it’s Tuesday already!  Daytona delayed to race last night so I missed it and don’t know who won. grrr.  I did hear there was a crash and I hope no one got hurt!  It’s a glorious day today coming in at 46 sunny degrees!  Lovin’ it!
{}{}{}{}{}{}**UNDER NEW OWNERSHIP**{}{}{}{}{}{}
Administrator : me, Rhonda
Global Mod : Jill/ArtfulOne
Global Mod : Whynter of WhyntersWhonders
Surprise…I am the new owner of a Graphics Group!  Yeah, some people just can’t take criticism when it looks them in the face.  Anyway, I have some most wondrous friends and we are all working it out together.  Some others have even come back to stay!  Amazing!
Not dwelling on the past, 4tl’s is moving forward.  Stable, Relaxed, Comfy and FUN the way a group should be.  We are still a PG-13 group so none of that EAC OR AC please.  There are other groups for that.  Just not ours.
If your looking for a Graphics Group where you can plop your feet up on the coffee table, wear your jammies & slippers, and take your time reading up on all the fun posts, come join us and check things out.  We have Challenges, Tutorials, Games, Friendly Chit-Chat, and Contests (With Prizes).  Coffee, java, joe?  Oh yeah!  Chips, frito’s, m&m’s?  You betcha!
We’re presently re-decorating and re-arranging so please don’t mind the dust.  Just tidying up a bit is all.  We have come to the conclusion that “Less is More” so we’ve pulled out the guillotine for a few boards and categories.
Also we’re thinking about adding a couple of categories like Daily Fun Stuff you can do if you run out of other things to occupy your fun space!  Daily tuts and challenges, like filter/plugin, font, frames and more.
It’s a Round Table idea that we’ll be chatting about in the General forum so as not to leave anyone out on the talks.
I’m off to hit up the Dollar Store to see if I can find a good deal now.  I love the Dollar Store!
Hugs and Love,

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Fabby Saturday!

Hello, It’s a frigid, windy, cloudy day here in BG on this fine Saturday.  I’m ok with that though because tomorrow is the most welcome “DAYTONA 500″ !!!  Well, as long as it doesn’t rain that is!  The weather channel is forecasting rain but I’m sure hoping it stays dry in Daytona!  I’ve been waiting for this race!  I watch it every year and absolutely love it!
***News Flash***
I’ve added 2 New Pages!
One is for Karron Cobb Weiss, a fabulous Photographer from Alaska!  Just check the menu up topside and you will see the button for her page.  A must visit!
I’ve also added a New Page for Whynter of WhyntersWonders.  
There’s a button at the top in the menu for her sites also.
You can visit her blog there, or go to her Scrap Kit site and find some luscious Scrap Kits, and on top of that, she writes Tutorials for Paint Shop Pro!  I’ve been PSP’ing for over 10 years now and find that there’s always, always something new to learn!  Please do check her sites out!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Here Comes Fat Tuesday Folks!

Well, if your in Virginia, it doesn’t feel too much like Mardi Gras time right now as it’s snowing like crazy!!!  Here in Ohio however, it’s been the most mild Winter I’ve ever seen!  It’s crazy weather, it gets cold, but so far, we’ve had a total of maybe 4 inches of snow all Winter long.  
I’m wishing you all a fabby week ahead snow or no snow.  And of course for those celebrating, have a really cool Mardi Gras and Fat Tuesday which signifies the end of Mardi Gras.  But who actually ends the partying for Mardi Gras anyway? lol
Ya’ll take care now.

Sunday, February 5, 2012


Check out these Fabulous Scrap Kits!!!
They’re gorgeous!
Scrap Kit Design
Just click on the image to go to her store.