Saturday, January 28, 2012


Thanks for this awesome fabby tag Mary, I love it!
♥♥February 1st!♥♥
Where?  Here at 4 TART LOVERS forum!
Come join in the fun!
There “will” be prizes!
Do you PSP?  Then you know you
love to do challenges!  This one
is going to be a whole lot of fun!
So come on over and play!

Friday, January 27, 2012

10 Days Later

Ok so I missed a few days.  lol  What else is new, right?  I lead the life of a very un notable person!  If I thought anyone was actually reading any of my entries, maybe I would be more eager to post on a daily basis.  Things like, oh, how the cats are doing, how I feel now that my gall bladder’s been removed, is being cooped up inside because it’s too cold to go anywhere outside making me crazy?  Now that would be a topic!  Some days seem to melt right into the next.   Other days just shouldn’t have to happen!   Yesterday was crazy.  Bank, loan, Mikes, Big Lots and back to the bank.  Same thing every month.  Fun stuff.  Now I’m waiting for a half way decent day to run to Meijers to get cat food, treats and maybe food stuff for me depending on their prices.  For me I might opt for waiting on my trip to Aldi’s.  They have good stuff there!  I haven’t found a problem with any of their products.  Well, the occasional stem in the green bean can but hey, you can always throw it away!  The stem not the green beans! lol  
I know, what an exciting life I lead!  What’s really fun are the days that I try to shake up the schedule by actually not making the bed for a change of pace!   Or another good one is when I leave the toilet lid up.  It freaks out the cats because they’re used to jumping up on it, and “whoops” it’s not there and they fall in! lol  A riot!  I usually leave it down though because if I don’t, the dingy kitties will sit there fishing!  Then leave wet paw prints all over the seat and I truly hat sitting on a wet toilet seat. yawk!  
Winter sucks!  Oh I’m happy for the skiers and sledders and such, but I want Spring and Summer back!  I don’t care that we’ve had one of the mildest winters in history, when I go outside, I want to smell fresh cut grass, flowers and i want to plant my garden!   Have a grill out!   I am not going out there to freeze my hinder off to grill a burger or steak.  Or maybe a brat.  Anyway, it’s the end of January so there can’t be too much more cold weather right?  February, March, part of April maybe.  Ok, that makes me feel much better!  
This year there better not be any complications to keep me from my garden.  Once again, there will be tomatoes, lettuce, zucchini, radishes, and bunches of flowers everywhere!  This time I won’t be in the hospital for 8 days knowing nothing is being watered.  I came home last summer, saw what the heat and neglect did, and went inside to cry my eyes out.  Even my patio roses bit the dust.   I’m grateful my friends came to feed and water my cats while I was indisposed, but dang, couldn’t they throw a little wetness on my garden?   That’s life.  Gosh.  Well, it’s late and I’m getting tired so catch you all later.  Once again, not sure when I’ll be back, but I’ll be back. 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


“I’ll take you There”  Click on this Banner to take you to the Blog, “Taking Back Paint Shop Pro“!!!
Taking Back PSP is a community event designed to bring taggers together for a fun evening, and at the same time raise funds for Pink – an international organization focused on breast cancer research – 
Just letting you know that it’s 6 degrees here in BG, Ohio.  We sure are living up to the nick of the 
Tundra of NW Ohio.  

Saturday, January 14, 2012


3:30 p.m.
I will be unattainable by most means of communications.  I’ll be in front of my idiot box watching my favorite team play at home against the New York Giants.  Just lettin’ ya’ll know, it’s football Sunday any time the Pack plays! 
Ciao baby~

Hiya's All

Well I finally had my gall bladder removed this Monday!  YIPPEEE!  Took long enough, eh?  Sheesh, what a girl’s gotta do to get her blood sugar low enough to make the anesthesiologist happy! lol  Yeah, I got a new Family doctor now and he immediately put me on insulin which did the trick!  Holey mackeral!
I gotta see if I can use the regular injectables though, that Pen system is freaking expensive!  Shot my budget all to heck and back!  No fun goodies for me this month, I gotta say!  Bummer!
Anyway, still recooperating but doing quite well.  My eyes are blurry today but I’m guessing it’s my meds because my blood sugars are just fine.
Ya’ll need to check out my “Taggers Paradise” page because I’ve added a lot more new sites to feast on for FTU scraps, tubes, templates and such!!!  Tutorials too!  I’m always looking for more goodies to add!  And FREE is such a good thing! lol
If you go to Creative Design’s Outlet, send her a prayer.  Her brother in law had a horrible fall and he needs prayer!!!
Take care everyone, have a good weekend!
Hugs and Love,

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I Got an Award!

Well hell, I helped to found the place! ROFLMAO!!!  Sherry, love it truly & thanks for thinking of me!  Your a friend and a blessing!
Check this out!  Ain’t it Gorgeous!!!   See?  It says right on there “Co-Founder, and Global Moderator!”  I’m proud as a peacock!  Love, love, love it gf!
Ya’ll need to come join in the fun at 4TL’s!  We’ve re-vamped the Challenges, added 2 *New fabby Moderators!  We’ve cracked open the “VALENTINES THEME” and are having a blast!
Where are we you might ask?  We’re right here:  And we have lots of fun with Paint Shop Pro and sharing with our Good Friends!  
And we even had a visit from the 4TL little red Cupid Fae today who dropped some prezzies in an oh so random way!  Come join, you may be next in line for a giftie!
See ya next time,

Sunday, January 1, 2012

He He Heeee... We Stomped 'em Again!

Packers win 45-41 over the Detroit Lions to take the team to a franchise-best 15-1 record. 
Congratulations to Matt Flynn on his record-setting day to become the first player in Packers history to throw for more than 400 yards and six touchdowns!
Catch all of the day’s highlights here:
Poor Detroit, headed back with their little Lion’s tails between their legs….Sorry guys, we, “THE PACK” are still on top and still undefeated!!!  
I do believe we are gonna get the Gold this year.  WooHooo!  Great cheese this year folks!!!
Oh yes, I’m a humble person.  I don’t normally brag about anything.  But when it comes to the PACK, I boast boastfully!!!
I’m still doing the happy dance and moon dance!  Can ya do that with a cane? ROFLMAO!  You betcha!
the CheeseHead Granny in BG