Saturday, January 14, 2012

Hiya's All

Well I finally had my gall bladder removed this Monday!  YIPPEEE!  Took long enough, eh?  Sheesh, what a girl’s gotta do to get her blood sugar low enough to make the anesthesiologist happy! lol  Yeah, I got a new Family doctor now and he immediately put me on insulin which did the trick!  Holey mackeral!
I gotta see if I can use the regular injectables though, that Pen system is freaking expensive!  Shot my budget all to heck and back!  No fun goodies for me this month, I gotta say!  Bummer!
Anyway, still recooperating but doing quite well.  My eyes are blurry today but I’m guessing it’s my meds because my blood sugars are just fine.
Ya’ll need to check out my “Taggers Paradise” page because I’ve added a lot more new sites to feast on for FTU scraps, tubes, templates and such!!!  Tutorials too!  I’m always looking for more goodies to add!  And FREE is such a good thing! lol
If you go to Creative Design’s Outlet, send her a prayer.  Her brother in law had a horrible fall and he needs prayer!!!
Take care everyone, have a good weekend!
Hugs and Love,

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