Saturday, July 28, 2012

Radio Time

Happy Saturday to all of you!  Yup, nothing on tv so I've got the Jam's on.  My fav channel, the "OLDIES" on 93.5 Toledo/Bowling Green.  Best channel in the world!!  I just can't get into what they play now.  Sorry kids, but I have to be able to understand the words, and be able to tell what instrument they're playing.  Nowadays it's anybodies guess. lol  Oh cool, it's 'Retha!

It's an awesome beautiful day today!   I've been fiddling around with all of my thousands of back up DVD's looking for more of my downloaded plugins for Paint Shop Pro.  Right now as it stands, I only have 2 lines of plugins when before there were 7. hmmm  I really can't remember them either so that's why I've been searching through DVD's.  I have found several, but no way as many as I had before.  I wonder where they took off to, also.

I did get my Zip a Lot program back where it belongs. Whew, I really needed that!

Ok, I'm about tired of the cleaning girls.  Every time they use my vacuum, they end up getting it plugged up somehow. UGH, UGH!!!  Now, I have to get the tool I use for unsnagging drains, and try to unsnag the vacuum.  They probably sucked up a cat toy is what I'm figuring.  I tell ya, they just aren't very careful.

Well, not much going on, just takin' a lazy Saturday to the limits. lol

Ya'll take care and have a fantabulous Weekend!!!

Hugs all 'round,

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

OMG more heat and humidity!  I feel sooo bad for the farmers all over
the place who are having to deal with this and the drought!  My prayers
go out to them every day.

I'm hoping that you all are inside where it's cooler either with fans or
AC.  I didn't use the AC today, just the fans and it was right there on
the border of needing the AC but after my shower, it cooled off enough
outside that it was ok not to use it.  It went from 92 to 81 within the
hour.  I can be happy with 81.  Not a problem.

OMG my Granddaughter Anna wrote me on FB!!!  I was so happy that
I cried!!!  She said she wants to come see me.  I am so hoping that she
does!!!  It's been 5 years and I've missed her and her brothers & sisters
so much!  This to me, is an answer to prayer!!!  I can't wait to see her!!!

I wrote her back and told her I'm still here and that she can come see me
anytime she wants.  I am so excited!!!  She did say her dad would probably
not like it, but she wanted to see me anyway.  Yeah, her dad is still not
talking to me.  But I still love him no matter what he thinks or does.  If any
of you see this, please, add him to your prayer list.  I would truly
appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.

Well I'm off to sign into my groups, and psp after that so will yak at
you later on. 


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We are now a "EAC" Group!!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

What a day!  It was horribly hot!  It got to 97 with heat indicies to 107. UGH~Not sure how we survived before without AC!  I'll bet we lost lots of folk and no one ever talked about it is all.  That'd be my guess.  Back then there were loads of things they didn't talk about.  I'm being Super careful not to go crazy running the AC all the time, my electric bill is scary enough!

I rescheduled my shrink as I was not going to stand outside waiting for a cab for nearly half hour in the heat!  I can always call the nurse and get refills on meds so it's not a big deal.  I was supposed to see my case manager too, but I'm sure she'll be alright. 

Our Paint Shop Pro group, PSP~Nook has grown a little, matured some and now has a rating of EAC.  It wasn't much ado, the members all voted and that's that.   I always try and make sure that our members are included in whatever we do at the Nook. 

I'm up late again.  Sanctuary's on SyFy and I'm kind of listening to it.  I miss Amanda Tapping as a blonde.  I think she looked so much better.  But I suppose that's the look they wanted for her in StarGate and in Sanctuary, since it's her show, she can look like she wants.

I've been spending a lot of time over at Creative Addictions also.  I really like the group!  They have all sorts going on, and challenges every 2 weeks.  I love doing the challenges, it keeps my mind busy.  I don't do the tut challenges though, I can't follow tuts very well any more so I do the other ones. 

I hear my bed calling me now so will close here.  Goodnight all.  Take care, stay safe, and keep cool.


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Monday, July 23, 2012

It's Sunday now

Not much going on today.  Still reeling from Friday's news.  Prayers going out to all of the families having to face the horror's of that night. 

The only other thing is PTE, one of the Paint Shop Pro tube companies is closing it's doors.  That's ok by me, I think there are too many psp tube companies anyway.

Take care all, hug and love your kids, wives, hubbies, anyone close to you and let them know you love them.


Saturday, July 14, 2012

Happy Saturday to you all!  It's on the warm side here, but not too bad actually.

I'm having a cozy, uncomplicated day here and I'm loving it!

I had a ripe tomato out in the garden of tomatoland, unfortunately, with all the heat and dry weather, I got an unhappy surprise.  I picked the beautifully red fruit off the vine, and when I turned it over, it was all dried up and shrivelled. UGH, and UGH!  Even with all my watering best I could, it didn't make it. :(  Talk about a bummer!!!  I hope this doesn't happen all summer with the rest of them, because there's a bzillion of 'em hanging on the vines waiting to ripen.

I just added a new blinkie over on the right hand side.  Whynter/Alexa is creating Scrap Kits now so I put up her blinkie so you can go check them out!  They're FTU which is free to use, so go grab 'em!  They are lovely!

Summer has hit full force across the internet and groups are getting so slow.  It's difficult to pick out any kind of challenges to do when there aren't enough members participating so I'm just letting the ones posted at the Nook ride until we get more activity.

Okies, I'm headed over to FaceBook and bug my son Dale so he knows I'm still alive and kicking. lol

Take care my friends and have a fabby weekend!


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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Holey Mackerel!  That heat wave just wore me out!  I think I spent most of my time on the couch with 2 fans pointed right at me with the AC on and watering my poor garden!  I'm so surprised that the 2 hanging veggies made it and so did my patio tomato.  They were looking so forlorn and totally sad. 

I was lucky enough to get a huge handful of snow peas, but I think the heat beat them to death.  They are such cool weather plants.  I might plant some again towards fall and hope for more then.

It was so weird how the heat wave struck right after those horrible Friday storms!  Lots of places here in Ohio are still without power and I feel so darn bad for them because they had to endure the heat wave without power for AC or fans.  Lots of suffering going on and I'm keeping them all in my prayers.

I hope that you all are living comfy again now that the heat wave has passed.  Now it's out West again, and they can keep it!  I mean, desert and

We're presently having a Poll at the Nook to see if members would like to up our rating from PG-13 to EAC a more adultish type rating.  It would be nice to see more members joining in the challenges and maybe even get more members joining knowing they don't have to be so restricted in what's posted.  No full nudity or nasty stuff, just a little more mature is all.  I personally don't have a problem with that.  Anyway, so far EAC has 75% of the votes with keeping the PG-13 only one vote.  I bet we end up changing our rating.  The Poll is up for 2 weeks, so we'll see just what happens.

I've got dishes to do, then I'm playing in Paint Shop Pro!  Take care and stay cool!


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