Saturday, July 28, 2012

Radio Time

Happy Saturday to all of you!  Yup, nothing on tv so I've got the Jam's on.  My fav channel, the "OLDIES" on 93.5 Toledo/Bowling Green.  Best channel in the world!!  I just can't get into what they play now.  Sorry kids, but I have to be able to understand the words, and be able to tell what instrument they're playing.  Nowadays it's anybodies guess. lol  Oh cool, it's 'Retha!

It's an awesome beautiful day today!   I've been fiddling around with all of my thousands of back up DVD's looking for more of my downloaded plugins for Paint Shop Pro.  Right now as it stands, I only have 2 lines of plugins when before there were 7. hmmm  I really can't remember them either so that's why I've been searching through DVD's.  I have found several, but no way as many as I had before.  I wonder where they took off to, also.

I did get my Zip a Lot program back where it belongs. Whew, I really needed that!

Ok, I'm about tired of the cleaning girls.  Every time they use my vacuum, they end up getting it plugged up somehow. UGH, UGH!!!  Now, I have to get the tool I use for unsnagging drains, and try to unsnag the vacuum.  They probably sucked up a cat toy is what I'm figuring.  I tell ya, they just aren't very careful.

Well, not much going on, just takin' a lazy Saturday to the limits. lol

Ya'll take care and have a fantabulous Weekend!!!

Hugs all 'round,

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