Monday, March 26, 2012

Good morning to you all!  It's chilly willy here today! brrr 39 degrees!  I had to turn the furnace back on for a while! sheesh!

I made an April 2012 Calendar I'd like to share with you.  Hope you like!
Sizes are 1024 x 768  and 800 x 600.  
Thum preview:

Well my newly adopted kitty is a Persian.  I thought maybe
by the photos I found on line that he may have
been a Russian, Siberian Longhair.  
But the vet set me straight. lol  

He's also being stubborn about his potty habits.  I think I need 
another litter box for him.  Some cats are like that.  
They just don't like to share. lol

I hope the flowers that I planted outside can hold up.  Now we
have a freeze watch for tonight. ugh.  Last week was so
beautiful in the 70's and 80's I didn't think it'd be getting so
cold again.  

Check out all of the PSP Tube Stores!  They are all having
Gorgeous Spring and Easter sales!  PSP TubeStop has some
I'm headed for on Wednesday! :)

Have a great day wherever you are!


Just added the Bee Gees Sound .

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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Happy Saturday!  Wow, hey, I know, I've been slacking in the posting area!  I have no excuse either! lol  

Guess what!  I adopted a new kitty last Wednesday and he's just the sweetest thang!  Here's a piccie I played with.

I think he's a Russian Siberian as he looks just like
this long haired tabby in the photo here:

Except for the coloring, he's identical down to the extra fur around his toe pads.

He has a super wonderful disposition, and very, loving and friendly.  He has
adapted so well to living with Tobey and Buttons, my other two cats (the Manx Brothers).

I can't believe how quickly and easily he accepted me and doesn't act in any way like he misses his previous owners.  


I noticed a few missing pics here and have hopefully caught up with them.  I think it had something to do with transferring this blog from another blog company and it goofed up the url's.  Anyway, I hope I caught them all. lol


I hope your all enjoying your weekend wherever you are.  Oregon, sorry about the snow, I guess winter just wasn't ready to give up yet. lol


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Monday, March 12, 2012

Having a Twilight Zone Monday

Omg It's Monday. The first Monday after Daylight Savings Time went into affect. ugh  Give me another two weeks to catch up with it. lol

I've updated my blog a bit.  Removed a couple of dead links to start with.  Put my Friend Whynter's Blinkies up on the right.  The top one goes to Whynter's main blog.  Her second one is in my Tut listings as she writes some pretty cool tutorials! 

I also located Jennyz2Dreams tutorial site and added her blinkie too!  She writes wonderful tutorials!  

My Stalker sites are now listed to the right also.  No need to go to a separate page to get to them. :)  So after getting that put together, eliminated that page altogether.

All of the Tutorial Sites are also listed on the right, directly under the Stalker sites.  

I have 2 new pages up now.  One for Tobey & Buttons my Manx kitty twins and one for my Landscape Photos.  On the Landscape photos, unless used by themselves in a tag or forum background, no © is needed, merely a mention of photo by rhon '06 would be enough.  Thanks.

It rained all morning.  The temps are now in the 60's and the sun came out for a gorgeous day!  I'm loving it and so are Tobey and Buttons.  They both keep standing up to the screen door checking everything out.

I saw my first robin of the year yesterday when I was walking to Aldi's for milk and he was singing away in the top of a tree.  Beautiful site!  Spring is here now.  Tomorrow is supposed to be in the mid 60's with a boatload of sunshine so the patio furniture is heading outside.  YIPPEE!

Have a wonderful day everyone.  Tell your loved ones how much they mean to you and yes, tell them you love them.  Tomorrow you may not have the chance.

Sending Love and Hugs,

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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Happy Sunday!
OMGosh it's a glorious day here today coming in at 67 degrees and loads of sunlight!  I am so loving it!  Door/windows fresh air!  I took advantage of it and trekked over to Aldi's for milk and ice cream.  Oh yeah, choco sauce too. lol  I am so bad. ROFLMAO  Ice Cream is just my drug o' choice! :)

Yup yup gotta have it.

Off to get dinner now.  Fish fry leftovers. MMM love Tilapia!
So do the kitties. rofl!

**New Kitty Page**: Pitter Patter Kitty Feet a photo gallery in the 
above Menu. All about the Babes.

Have a fabtaboulous Sunday everyone!  Take care and 
Stay Safe!

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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Only 7 more days till the green beer starts flowing and the Corned Beef and Cabbage starts cooking.  It's a beautiful Saturday March 10 today!  I'm smiling because it's the anniversary of my first wedding.  That marriage lasted 5 years.  Each of my other two lasted 5 years.  I guess that's all the longer that I can hold on to and be with a man. roflmao!  Oh well, sorry guys, no longer interested. lol  I've come to love my freedom more than anything.  Me and my cats, Tobey and Buttons. ha, ha

The sun is shining bright!  It's 47 degrees.  A little warmer and I would open the door and windows, but not quite yet!

I am so glad yesterday is done and gone.  Fibro brain fog is a nightmare!  OMG I can't believe the goofs I did yesterday!  But they happened and I ended up apologizing all over the place to the groups I'm in so they'd know I was going off line and letting my brain take a break. UGH!

Today's much better.  I can think again! YIPPEE!  So I uploaded a ton of Flower Photos over at 4TARTLovers in the Members Galleries so that our members would have some Flower Photos to snag and use in tags and stuff.  Three pages of them! lol

Sometime next week, I'll get some Landscape Photos loaded into a new album to share at 4TARTLovers also.  Then following will be two galleries of Winter/Snow/Ice Storm Photos.  Not today though.  I'm not going to take any chances on the Fog coming back.

Have a great day everyone!  It's an Awesome Saturday!

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Yes, I'm purple today.  My favorite color.  Tuesday, well, really Wednesday because Letterman's on, the cats are waiting for me to come to bed, they're in there crying. ugh

I just added Karron Cobb Weiss page.  She's a wonderful photographer and a V.I.P. member of our group 4TARTLovers.   You will find her page at the top in the menu.

Also added Lisa Cree's Shop!  Talk about an awesome Artist!  Lisa is fantastic!  So, MyTagArt Store sadly closed it's doors and Lisa opened her own store!  Now she has several/many Artists also selling their artwork at her store!  How cool is this!  You can find her page in the top menu also!

I also added my really sweet, wonderful girl friends blinkie to my front page to the top/right here!  Whynter has a lovely blog!  Ya need to stop over there and say hi to her!  Oh yes, I also added a page for Whynter "WhyntersWhonders" in the top menu.  Just in case you miss the pretty blinkie. 

Lastly, Nadia Tate is in the top menu also.  She creates the most fabtabulous Fairies ever.  I fell in love with her art a couple of years ago.  I've never seen fairies painted so delicately and beautiful in all my years.  Wonderful work.

Okies, I put Law&Order on, got sick o' David so will end here.  Have a great evening all.

Hugs and Blessings,
Rhonda a.k.a. Rhon


Monday, March 5, 2012

Oh my, would you just look at this?
It's my Horoscope for the day.
I have really got to laugh at this one
as it's so awesomely close to exactly
what's been going on in my life for the
last week or so.

Right now, try to be a lot more active with people than you usually are -- it would be a good idea to mix your energy with the energy of a large group, preferably in some sort of leadership position. You'll feed off the fresh energy of divergent opinions and learn a wonderful lesson about coping with many different expectations. The volume of your life has been nice and quiet -- but is it putting you to sleep? Turn it up. Welcome little bit of turmoil into your life. 

This is a riot! ha, ha.
Ooh isn't this beautiful?  I think so!  My sweet friend Whynter created this bloggie for me to help get me off of another one that wasn't very user friendly.  Love this!  Thanks Whynter, your an Angel!

Here's something for you Whynter that I made yesterday.  If you haven't picked it up at the group, you can snaggle it here hon.
Hope you like. :)

I'm going to be adding a couple of new sections that will include my photos that I've taken, plus a special section that will have my hubbies photos.  He's in Heaven now, but I still have his lovely photos and will be sharing them here.  There's lots, so it's going to be an ongoing process until I get them all up here. 

Thank you for stopping in, enjoy your visit and please come back often as I'll always be adding new stuff!  

Sunday, March 4, 2012

I hope you enjoy your time spent here.
Thanks for stopping in.

This lovely is a gift to me from my dear friend