I'm up to 3 cats now. lol  Adopted an Oreo last March.  Awesome, Rowdy,
loving, loudest purr I've ever heard!  I think he's part Abasinian because he has these big tufts of fur coming up off of his ears.  He's long and lanky too.  More  recent pics of the Babes below this little fellow....

My lovin' Gretchyn the Jack Russel/Rat Terrier and Oreo sharing some quality time.

Pile up on the couch.  Oreo, Buttons and Gretchyn.

This one cracks me up in the way Buttons has Gretchyn in a full body lock.  Buttons is snoozin' away and Gretch is trying to figure a way out. lol

My little sweetie Oreo lolling on the couch waiting for lunch.  Or play whichever comes first.

Ok I have 2 cats and blogs are obviously for sharing and showing off our furbabes so I wanted to give you an update on my two little Manx babes that were rescued at 9 days, and taken care of by me.  OMG what an adventure that was!  First thing was to set up a nursery for them to stay warm and comfy.  Second was to make a mad dash to a pet store for replacement milk, bottles, vitamins, and eye droppers.  

So now, here they are at roughly 1 and a half years old.  And even though they were rescued ferel's now guess who rules the roost. lol  Oh, yes, they've been neutered.  It's the responsible thing to do, especially with cats.

I giggle at the title I gave this page "Pitter Patter Kitty Feet".  These two race
around the place and truly sound like a heard of Thundering Buffalo! lol  

Here's a few photos from this January 2012.

Manx Cats.  No tails, just little stumpies.  Their Origins
are the Isle of Mann, in the body of water between Ireland
and England in the UK.

The boys always spend their time with each other.  A
pair that's joined at the hip! :)

We know what's going on out there!  Why not bring
the party inside?

Evening nap after Tobey's after Dinner nap.

Buttons just loves his couch!

My cuddle lover Buttons.  He's also my PenKlepto. lol 
No pen is safe, he's always a snaggin' 'em!

My Tobey the Goody Monger.  He's on his own 3 hour schedule
when he comes and sits and waits until he gets his goodies.  He's
worse than me with the goodie grumbles!  "I'm here mamma, it's
that time again...So, um, where's the goodies?" 

Deciding I was taking too long, he decided it was time for
alternate begging methods.  Chewing on my camera belt
and slippers all the while keeping a sharp eye on me.

"Yep, notice the missing mouse?  Now it's time to get
rid of all the evidence.  

Can you believe I still have my oldie Gateway Mouse Pad?

Below are their first photos.

Tobey & Buttons.  Ferals, abandoned, found and fostered by me.  I love cats and the thought of any type of predator hurting these babes gave me cause to act immediately in bringing them home.


Toby is the top kitty babe and Buttons is the bottom.  They are about 12 days old here.  They’re eyes weren’t open the day we found them, but were open the following day.  Roughly 9 or 10 days old.These 2 little guys were abandoned by their 1yr old mamma who couldn’t take care of them anymore.  I immediately scooped them up carrying them home in my shirt being pulled by Beau who I think was more excited than I was at the moment.

It was a rush to get some kitten replacement milk, set up a nursery for them and clean them up.

We are now past replacement milk, following 3 nipples being destroyed by teething kittens. lol  They are eating fine on they’re own.  I mix canned kitten food and dry kitten food so they get a good mix.

They were totally litter trained at five weeks.  No problems.

They’re 9 weeks old now.  Very independent, loving and playful.  They found the bed over a week ago, now I can’t move my feet for fear of toes being amputated!  They love that game!  I have to wear slippers and/or shoes around the house because they lay in wait for available ankles and toes.  I am guessing other body parts are in the near future.  Feral?  Tamed?  Whoa, can they be ornery!

I am mamma.  They follow me everywhere and when I’m sitting down in the living room, they are usually lolling around on my chest or lap.  Or laptop.  We’ve already had those discussions of staying off the keyboard because they keep changing everything around and mamma gets lost easy.

These are my babes.  They made it.  With God’s help of course.  I have never done this before, raising kittens and I winged a few things, but cats are resilient and I think these two still have nine lives intact.  I forgot to mention.  They have no tails.  Just little stubbies.  They are Manx kittens.  They meet the Vet next Tuesday.

Goodnight all.


Oh, yeah, not to forget our newest addition to the family, I also adopted a dog last week!  Yep, one teeny little Rat Terrier!  She's 8 months old, not quite housetrained, but we're working on it.  I named her Gretchyn.  She just looks like a Gretchyn!  I think she weighs in at about 8 or 9 pounds.  Yeah, she's dinky. lol

And here's Gretchyn:   

She's a doll baby!  I love her, and omg she gets along with all three cats just fine!  Probably because she's so  small they don't see her as any kind of threat.

The only wacky thing about these furbabes is that the cats are eating the dry dog food and the dog is eating the cat food.  Very strange...hmmm? lol

I hope that you all have a wonderful Easter with family and friends!  I wish my son's were closer.
Adopted a new kitty a couple of months ago.  "Oreo".  He's about 5 months old now.  He sure keeps all the others hoping! lol
Aren't I just the cats meow?

Hugs to all,

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