Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Hiya's all...  It's been a chilly, windy and very gray day here.  I took care of putting the patio furniture together and setting it up anyway.  Gretchyn was busy wrapping herself and her lead around the bannister on the ramp.  She is such a dingy dog. lol  But she's my girl.

That's her with my little Oreo whom I've nicked "Squish" because he's so smooshy and loving. lol  I have the best little phurbabes...

I haven't done much today except for the patio furniture.  My stomache's acting up a little and I'm not going to push it.  It's crazy if I get too active, like longer walks with Gretchyn, it activates the pain caused by my chronic pancreatitus so I simply take it easy until it calms down.

Okies, I'm headed back over to Creative Addictions to find another challenge to play with...


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