Saturday, December 22, 2012

Oh seriously.  August?  Omg I can't believe it.  How time just flies!  Even if your not having any fun! Sheesh!  That's about a third of a year!  Where the where was I all this time?  Well, I can say this much, I spend tons of time over at Creative Addictions PSP Group because it's a total BLAST!  There's just so much fun to be had there!
Well, it's been an adventure, that's for sure.  I have a new kitten!  His name's Oreo and he's about 5 months old now. 
Isn't he just adorable?
I wanted to rename him "DoubleStuff" because of all of the white. lol  But he's still Oreo...  I know, I have a page for all of my furbabes, but I wanted you to see him right off the bat! lol
Yesterday was the first day of Winter.  It was also the last day of the World.  erm, umm, I'm still here, how about you? lmao  The end of the Mayan calander.  I usually put a new on up on the wall come January 1st....  Why didn't they? lol
I'm finally in the last leg (pardon the pun) of getting a scooter.  Woo Hoo!!!  Yep, all that's needed now is one final visit to my doctor, him filling out the paperwork, sending it on to my insurance company and getting my scooter!  I'm so glad too because the old left leg is about useless at this point.   I'm anxious and really excited!
Here's hoping you all have a wonderful Merry Christmas,
and a Happy New Year!
Huge Hugs,

Maybe I should explain my nick a little.  It was actually given to me about 5 years ago by a sweet friend who lives on one of the Grecian Isles.  I didn't think I liked it at first, but thought about it for a while.  My family has a lot of "Ron's" in it.  My Dad, one of my Grandfathers, my son.  Anyway, I never really liked Rhonda at all.  There's a "doh" at the end. LMAO  So okies, I decided that Rhon was fine with me so for five years  now I've been using Rhon as my screen name.  So there ya have it.

I'd love to change my name in RL but it would break my Dad's heart because he actually  named me for the actress "Rhonda Flemming".  He loved her red hair!!! lol

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

omg I guess I haven't been here in quite a while! lol  August has been a hectic, and frantic month for me.  I won't bore you with all the tiny details though mostly because you'd proabably laugh your ass off at me.  Anyway, just touching base today.

It's a gorgeous Tuesday here and now that there aren't any (mostly) waves rocking the boat I can relax a little.

I'm so happy, happy that I've been able to make contact with my granddaughter Anna it just blows my mind!  I can't believe she's already graduated High School and is now moving on to college!  All I can say is thank you for FaceBook!  I've let her know how much I've missed her and to please let her brothers and sisters know how much I missed them too.

I hope your all having a beautiful day today!  The sun's shining here, with 79 degrees and blue skies.  Lovin' it!

I better get dressed, still in my jamz, make the bed and get Gretchyn outside.  I didn't realize it's almost 1pm. rofl  Talk to ya'll later...

Hugs n Love,


Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hello on this lovely, wet Thursday.  Went to
group "depression" today then Big Lots &
walked home from there.  Took a half an hour
break then walked over to Aldi's.  omg my dogs
are barkin'!  Other than that, nothing else going
on today.  That's ok, I need a break this evening.

For those of you who Paint Shop Pro, "Taking
Back Paint Shop Pro" has moved it's date to
October 26th and the Deadline for getting your
ticket is October 25th.  Tickets are $10 and the
proceeds go to the "Make A Wish" foundation.

I hope you make it!

Ya'll take care and have a great evening!

Sending hugs,

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Last Leg 'O Summer Here~AUGUST

Hello, hello!  August 1st!  Yeah, it's still hot. lol  We have 3 days of real hot here too! ugh  Looks like AC and indoor activities for me!  That would be psp. lol

New skins and banners have been afixed to the Nook and I just made a new blinkie for the top too.  I won't have to bug my best friend Alexa to make them anymore, I finally figured them out.  Well, the easy ones anyway. lmbo  No way can I do those extravagent ones I've seen with so many motion pictures going on.

Any way, here it is if you'd like to add it to your blog or fb or whatever...
Am I getting good at these or what? lol
The url's easy enough:

Yep, that's it. 

Ya'll ought to come over and join, and have some fun in Paint Shop Pro.  Of course, we wouldn't mind at all if you used another graphics program like PhotoShop, or Elements, or Gimp, whatever you like to use.

We love to make tags and forum sets to share!

We have Tutorials, Challenges, all sorts of activities for graphics friends!

One more day and I get to see my darling Granddaughter Anna!  If I'm being redundant, sorry, but it's been around five years and I'm just so excited to get the chance to get to see her again!  Maybe one day I'll get to see all the others, but I'm just totally grateful that I'll be able to see my Anna!

Off to walk the dog, ya'll take care now...


Donuts Anyone?

Tuesday Night, well slightly Wednesday Morning.  I am starving for a donut in the worst way.  I know, my bad...As it is, I made peanutbutter pan cookies the other day and had 3 after dinner so you'd think my sweet tooth was satisfied, but noooo, it's still buggin'.  Oh well, it's after Midnight so I'm not walking across the road to the gas station where they keep all the donut goodies. lol

The weather was ok for the most part today.  But towards evening, it started heating up instead of cooling off!  I keep looking to the skies for a meteor headed for us, but nothing yet.  I think the Weather Channel's keeping secrets. lol

I got my wyfy hooked up here finally through the apartment complex.  So I called cable and told them to shut off my services.  Mostly because the budget says so, but also because I can't stand the overly mature commercials, the constant re-runs of re-runs and there's nothing new.  So I quit them.  Maybe in a couple of years down the line they'll have some new stuff that's interesting, and they'll not have the outlandish commercials.  I don't know.

Anyway, nothing else going on so closing here.
Take care all.


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We are now a "EAC" Group!!!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Radio Time

Happy Saturday to all of you!  Yup, nothing on tv so I've got the Jam's on.  My fav channel, the "OLDIES" on 93.5 Toledo/Bowling Green.  Best channel in the world!!  I just can't get into what they play now.  Sorry kids, but I have to be able to understand the words, and be able to tell what instrument they're playing.  Nowadays it's anybodies guess. lol  Oh cool, it's 'Retha!

It's an awesome beautiful day today!   I've been fiddling around with all of my thousands of back up DVD's looking for more of my downloaded plugins for Paint Shop Pro.  Right now as it stands, I only have 2 lines of plugins when before there were 7. hmmm  I really can't remember them either so that's why I've been searching through DVD's.  I have found several, but no way as many as I had before.  I wonder where they took off to, also.

I did get my Zip a Lot program back where it belongs. Whew, I really needed that!

Ok, I'm about tired of the cleaning girls.  Every time they use my vacuum, they end up getting it plugged up somehow. UGH, UGH!!!  Now, I have to get the tool I use for unsnagging drains, and try to unsnag the vacuum.  They probably sucked up a cat toy is what I'm figuring.  I tell ya, they just aren't very careful.

Well, not much going on, just takin' a lazy Saturday to the limits. lol

Ya'll take care and have a fantabulous Weekend!!!

Hugs all 'round,

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

OMG more heat and humidity!  I feel sooo bad for the farmers all over
the place who are having to deal with this and the drought!  My prayers
go out to them every day.

I'm hoping that you all are inside where it's cooler either with fans or
AC.  I didn't use the AC today, just the fans and it was right there on
the border of needing the AC but after my shower, it cooled off enough
outside that it was ok not to use it.  It went from 92 to 81 within the
hour.  I can be happy with 81.  Not a problem.

OMG my Granddaughter Anna wrote me on FB!!!  I was so happy that
I cried!!!  She said she wants to come see me.  I am so hoping that she
does!!!  It's been 5 years and I've missed her and her brothers & sisters
so much!  This to me, is an answer to prayer!!!  I can't wait to see her!!!

I wrote her back and told her I'm still here and that she can come see me
anytime she wants.  I am so excited!!!  She did say her dad would probably
not like it, but she wanted to see me anyway.  Yeah, her dad is still not
talking to me.  But I still love him no matter what he thinks or does.  If any
of you see this, please, add him to your prayer list.  I would truly
appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.

Well I'm off to sign into my groups, and psp after that so will yak at
you later on. 


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We are now a "EAC" Group!!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

What a day!  It was horribly hot!  It got to 97 with heat indicies to 107. UGH~Not sure how we survived before without AC!  I'll bet we lost lots of folk and no one ever talked about it is all.  That'd be my guess.  Back then there were loads of things they didn't talk about.  I'm being Super careful not to go crazy running the AC all the time, my electric bill is scary enough!

I rescheduled my shrink as I was not going to stand outside waiting for a cab for nearly half hour in the heat!  I can always call the nurse and get refills on meds so it's not a big deal.  I was supposed to see my case manager too, but I'm sure she'll be alright. 

Our Paint Shop Pro group, PSP~Nook has grown a little, matured some and now has a rating of EAC.  It wasn't much ado, the members all voted and that's that.   I always try and make sure that our members are included in whatever we do at the Nook. 

I'm up late again.  Sanctuary's on SyFy and I'm kind of listening to it.  I miss Amanda Tapping as a blonde.  I think she looked so much better.  But I suppose that's the look they wanted for her in StarGate and in Sanctuary, since it's her show, she can look like she wants.

I've been spending a lot of time over at Creative Addictions also.  I really like the group!  They have all sorts going on, and challenges every 2 weeks.  I love doing the challenges, it keeps my mind busy.  I don't do the tut challenges though, I can't follow tuts very well any more so I do the other ones. 

I hear my bed calling me now so will close here.  Goodnight all.  Take care, stay safe, and keep cool.


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Monday, July 23, 2012

It's Sunday now

Not much going on today.  Still reeling from Friday's news.  Prayers going out to all of the families having to face the horror's of that night. 

The only other thing is PTE, one of the Paint Shop Pro tube companies is closing it's doors.  That's ok by me, I think there are too many psp tube companies anyway.

Take care all, hug and love your kids, wives, hubbies, anyone close to you and let them know you love them.


Saturday, July 14, 2012

Happy Saturday to you all!  It's on the warm side here, but not too bad actually.

I'm having a cozy, uncomplicated day here and I'm loving it!

I had a ripe tomato out in the garden of tomatoland, unfortunately, with all the heat and dry weather, I got an unhappy surprise.  I picked the beautifully red fruit off the vine, and when I turned it over, it was all dried up and shrivelled. UGH, and UGH!  Even with all my watering best I could, it didn't make it. :(  Talk about a bummer!!!  I hope this doesn't happen all summer with the rest of them, because there's a bzillion of 'em hanging on the vines waiting to ripen.

I just added a new blinkie over on the right hand side.  Whynter/Alexa is creating Scrap Kits now so I put up her blinkie so you can go check them out!  They're FTU which is free to use, so go grab 'em!  They are lovely!

Summer has hit full force across the internet and groups are getting so slow.  It's difficult to pick out any kind of challenges to do when there aren't enough members participating so I'm just letting the ones posted at the Nook ride until we get more activity.

Okies, I'm headed over to FaceBook and bug my son Dale so he knows I'm still alive and kicking. lol

Take care my friends and have a fabby weekend!


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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Holey Mackerel!  That heat wave just wore me out!  I think I spent most of my time on the couch with 2 fans pointed right at me with the AC on and watering my poor garden!  I'm so surprised that the 2 hanging veggies made it and so did my patio tomato.  They were looking so forlorn and totally sad. 

I was lucky enough to get a huge handful of snow peas, but I think the heat beat them to death.  They are such cool weather plants.  I might plant some again towards fall and hope for more then.

It was so weird how the heat wave struck right after those horrible Friday storms!  Lots of places here in Ohio are still without power and I feel so darn bad for them because they had to endure the heat wave without power for AC or fans.  Lots of suffering going on and I'm keeping them all in my prayers.

I hope that you all are living comfy again now that the heat wave has passed.  Now it's out West again, and they can keep it!  I mean, desert and

We're presently having a Poll at the Nook to see if members would like to up our rating from PG-13 to EAC a more adultish type rating.  It would be nice to see more members joining in the challenges and maybe even get more members joining knowing they don't have to be so restricted in what's posted.  No full nudity or nasty stuff, just a little more mature is all.  I personally don't have a problem with that.  Anyway, so far EAC has 75% of the votes with keeping the PG-13 only one vote.  I bet we end up changing our rating.  The Poll is up for 2 weeks, so we'll see just what happens.

I've got dishes to do, then I'm playing in Paint Shop Pro!  Take care and stay cool!


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Thursday, June 28, 2012

WoW hello after an almost 2 week hiatus~UGH my computer crapped out on me so sat here all that time twiddling my thumbs!  Well, almost.  I did finish a throw and began another one to keep the walls from crumbling down around me. lol  Yep, another computer junkie here!
Ok no saving the old computer so had to get a new one.  Nice too.  Oh, yes, it's a rental as no way could I afford it on my budget if I had to pay full up front.  Nope.  Livin' in the brokesville zone... pfffft...

I got this bad boy yesterday, but it took me 'till noon today to find the papers with my modem's hush hush numbers and such to get on line.  I'm still scratching my head on how they became hidden under stuff when I normally put everything Computer all in one place! hmmmm  Oh yeah, I was sweating bullets to say the least!  But finally found, and back on line! YaY!

Now to install Paint Shop Pro and all of it's goodies and all my shortcuts back.  All that fun stuff! lol


My wonderful little girlie girl dog is doing lots better in the
housetraining thing.  Whew!  She was beginning to worry me!
She's not quite a year old though so I've been giving her a few breaks here and there.  Not many though as it's been getting on my nerves...

It's a freaking hot "101" out today so I'm hiding inside with AC.  It's going to be God love the electric  company at the end of the month, that's for sure. ugh and so ugh.

Nuff of my boring life for now,
ya'll take care...


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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Howdy on this totally boring Tuesday! lol  Not a darn thing happening today.  Actually, since there was nothing happening, I changed clothes on my blog!  Now I have Christina Lank gloriously attending! :)  I love her Swan, and wanted to show it off so what better than adorning my blog!  Don'tcha just love it?

Our Group, PSP-NOOK is now having the 4th of July Contest for the Banner!  We've got some really awesome entries so far!  You ought to come over and check it out!  Join in and have some fun!  And you betcha, there are Prizes!  No slacking in that department!

My sweet, loving, adorable doggie friend has turned the page.  She now waits until I'm asleep and then goes and finds things to eat.  2 Pair of underwear can now be sold at Frederichs as crotchless.  So now the laundry basket is up high on a dresser.  She's demolished several cat toys.  So now I only leave a couple down at night that hopefully she'll find no interest in.  My favorite pair of sandals are now out in the dumpster.  So now all of my shoes stay in the hall closet.  I'm praying she leaves my slippers alone because I leave them by the bed at night.  I forgot yesterday and left my other sandals, Earth Shoes out and laid down for a nap.  She found 'em alright.  I caught her though before she totally mangled one of them.  It's only partially chewed so I can still wear them.  She also went into my hoodie pocket and grabbed the black electrical tape that was inside because I needed to fix something, but I'm not sure if this role of tape is even usable anymore.  I grabbed it off the floor and threw it in a drawer before checking it out.  OMG  nothing is safe from the "Destroyer"....sheesh!  Oh I love my rotten little "Ratserferious Terrier"....hmmmmm  All this even though I've provided her with lots and lots of CHEW TOYS!

I'm going to post some more snags on the SNAG page too so check 'em out!  If you like them, Snag away!  There's now 2 pages of SNAGGABLES so please check them out and have some fun Snagging some new Extras!

Have a wonderful day today all, make it a safe and happy one!


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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Yep, once again.  Okies, could it be the heat? lol

Hope your all having a great Saturday!  It's real warm here but awesome nice!  It's warm enough for me to say I'm having left overs from yesterdays grill out!  Hamburg's and a couple wienies... nukim's

I just posted some more Snags on my Snaggables page if you want to go check
them out.  And please do, snag away!

Come visit our Group, if you like making tags, forum sets and such, we have a lot of fun with Paint Shop Pro and Photoshop!  There are lots of challenges and even contests with prizes!  Every Friday we have a Lottery for active members where if their name comes up they win a PTU Tube of their choice.

We also have a monthly Banner Contest with 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners!  1st gets a 3pak, 2nd gets 2, and 3rd gets a scrapkit, all of their choice as winners.

Not much else, it's hot, I'm cranky, the furbabes are just lollin' around and we're having leftovers for dinner.  So ending here.


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Okies, blogger is giving me fits.....ugh

Sunday, June 3, 2012

I know, it's been a few days but it was a rough week.  Things are happening beyond my control and I'm having to adapt and change a few things around to be able to deal with them better.  I'm pretty adaptable, it just takes a little time to figure it out.

It's a good day today.  Nothing major.  Criminal Minds marathon, 2 new Criminal Minds, then the new "Glades" season starts tonight followed by "Longmire".  I'm not much of a cowboy movie person, but I like Katee Sakoff and Lou Diamond Phillips and want to at least give it a try.

Anyway, I've got some photos of this years garden.  Flowers and veggies are coming up real nice.  Toward the back of the fence, next to the building, you can see where my Sunflowers are coming up.  Right behind them lives a bunny family.  So go my snow peas. lol
                                           If you click on this photo,

 it'll take you to the album I have my garden pix in.

I have some new Furbabe photos too.  Well, yeah....
                           Just click the pic.

"The show is way better from this angle mom"...

Now off to try one  of those new Snickers ice cream bars. hmmm or mmmm

Later taters.

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Friday, May 25, 2012

Hi there folks.  
I took yesterday off after a hectic day of running around town.  The only good thing I got out of it was the best darn cheeseburger I've ever had from the South Side Six that's right next to the bank I use.  They were having a Wednesday special so I went ahead.  Since I was there, I picked up some humus and pita chips.  They make it right there and it's the best!  If you live in or around Bowling Green, you gotta try it!  And the cheeseburgers! :)  

***{{{NEWS FLASH}}}***

The PSP  NOOK is now a (.com)!
We are now our own Entity on the Web!
Don't know us?  Well come on over!

We are a Paint Shop Pro Group of
friendly members, lots of challenges and things 
to keep you busy, plus we have
weekly drawings/free psp tube every

We also have monthly Banner contests
"WITH PRIZES", you betcha!!!

So if you like to create tags, forum sets, banners,
snaggables, we have lots for you to do! 

And even if you don't make tags but love to collect
them, we have that too!

Open invitation to all to join our family!  
Only requirement is a once a month post to say
hi.  We do member sweeps every so often.

Visit Us at the PSP Nook!

Have a great night everyone!


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

So sad to hear that Robin Gibbs of the Bee Gee's has died.  He had a stroke a couple of weeks ago. R.I.P. Robin.  You'll be very much missed.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Good afternoon!  

Yep, I got shook out of my slumber by an 8.2 on the Richter Scale.  Actually it wasn't an earthquake, but you really couldn't tell from all the noise and pounding!  Have taken care of the problem, finally gave in and called the Landlord about the totally inconsiderate neighbor so hopefully won't be shocked into the waking moments any more.  There are inventions that prevent these kinds of things from happening.  They are called "headphones" and "MP-3 Players".  No one should be that rude as to intrude their noise into other people's spaces.  Nuf said.

Anyway, after all the hubbubb, now it's a beautiful day.  70 awesome degrees, blue skies, poofy clouds, and a most awesome breeze!  Wish you were here to enjoy it with me!  

This weekend is Memorial Day.  I'm putting out the Flags, and having a BBQ.  I might even splurge and get a steak.  I'm thinking rib eye and mesquite marinade.  A baked potato and salad.  Maybe even a fruit salad.  

I'm really trying to avoid those hi calorie not good for my diabetes types of foods so instead of ice cream or cake, I'll be eating lots of fruits.  But don't think I won't be totally missing all my goodies!  I'm a chocolate freak, anything.  Ice cream, m&m's, cookies, *sigh....But I've made up my mind to get my sugar's under control by eating better.  I'm done being stupid about this.  I've got 2 medical issues that this will address too and now that the warm weather's here, if I don't, they're only going to get worse so it's time to step up to the plate(oh god bad pun), and square up with the home team.

Have a fabby Tuesday all!


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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Hot & Happy Saturday!  I've been just a tad busy today, but finally got around to coming up with a June 2012 Calendar for you.  Hope you like it.  Original is 1024 x 768.   Click on the thumb to view full size.

***News on the PSP Nook***
Our Paint Shop Pro Group on

We now have a "Never Ending Story"  This is going to be fun, and a
real adventure!

 I sat up the new "FRIDAY FREE PTU TUBE" Challenge on the boards.  
It's a Lottery for our Active members and every Friday, 
someone will win a PSP Tube from
the store of their choice.
We'll be using a Random name Generator to pick a winner.

We'll also be starting a BANNER contest on a Monthly basis for those Months
that don't have a big Holiday in them.  For instance, July is obviously going to be our Patriotic, red, white and blue month.  The next contest will be for August then September.   Winners of these monthly Banner contests will get a 3pak of PTU tubes from any store they like.

So yep, I was a wee bit busy today setting all these new activities up for the Group.

I'm still trying to think up something for winning a PTU Scrap Kit of choice also, but still scratching my head on this one. lol  I'm going to put this to Karron and Whynter, my awesome mgt. team and see if they can think of something.

I even made a "blinkie" for PSP Nook!  A very simple one as I'm still learning how to make the darn things. lol

Have a great Saturday evening everyone, I'm off to get a little supper.  
Oh Lordy, hunger pangs!!! :)

Visit us for some PSP Fun!

Later taters.

Hiya's in the late hours of Friday into Saturday.  I thought I'd post a blurb since I'm finding sleep far off tonight.

I wanted to announce here that 4TART Lovers is no more, and we've adopted a new name for the forum: "the PSP Nook"...Kinda cute, sorta quaint.  We all thought it was a pretty neat name to go by.  The reasoning for the change is that ProBoards is now offering us our own domain name so I asked our members if they would like to hang on to 4TART Lovers or change it to something new before getting the domain name.  Well, it's settled. lol

So this Wednesday we get our new URL then probably by the weekend we'll have our own Domain Name.  This is so cool and exciting!♥♥♥

I'm going to add a couple of new boards too.  

  • a Never Ending Story, and
  • a Daily Question
Maybe even a
  • Friday Free Tube Lottery using a random name generator.  Then whoever gets the free tube, has to make a tag for someone else with it.
Nearly 4 a.m. so I'm hittin' the trail now.  
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Happy Thursday to you all!  I am so happy!  I got my garden 98% taken care of so far!  I still have a couple of veggie type items to plant, like lettuce and squash, but that's it.  The tomato plants are coming along great, and these are from last years plants!  These are 2nd year plants so I guess they're considered Heirloom now? lol  I don't know, but it sounds good. :)  

It's a fabby day coming in at 66 degrees, and a bluebird blue sky with pretty puffy clouds.  I am so enjoying a wonderful Spring day today and tomorrow's supposed to be more of the same. yay!

Okies, I'm off to play in PSP so ya'll have a great day and a Beautimous night!

hugs to all,

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Hiya's all...Tuesday, waiting on NCIS tonight.  Both shows are Season Finale so I'll probably have to wait and watch re-runs until mid July or August.  I hate the way they make you wait for the new shows, I know they're already in the can, so what's the big hubbub?  I dunno.  Go figure Hollywood, eh?

I gave my dog Gretchyn a middle name.  Houdini.  OMG I can't believe her!  She can get out of her harness in a heartbeat and so far, the dog crate has not been able to hold her even though I put the front door up against the wall.  No worries, there's a back window and molded holes in the side so there's no risk of her running out of oxygen.  Or vim & vigor for that matter!  She's 8 pounds soaking wet and has more energy than the Energizer Bunnie!  No kidding!  She's wonderful though.

It only took 2 weeks to put the finishing touches on my blog, and now that it's done, I'll more'n likely forget about it for another 2 weeks. lol  Probably around the time I make a new background. lol

Okies, nothing much new so later tater's...

Hugs to all,

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Monday, April 30, 2012

Yep, Hello friends!  I followed a dear friends tutorial on how to make a blog pretty and look what I came up with!  This'll be my Mother's Day clothes!  I have to give great thanks to Whynter for her tutorial because it's the very first one that I actually understood!  Now, I can change up my blog clothes to fit the season's or my mood or whatever!  Whynter, your an Angel and a true blessing!  Thank you so much for helping me to understand where no one else could.  Love ya girl friend!♥♥  Follow Whynters name and it will take you to her tutorial...

It's a gorgeous day here today!  It's 72 degrees right now and the sun is shining gloriously!  Our lawn guys are here cutting grass and trimming and the cats are all hiding from the noise.  Gretchyn, my girly girl terrier is up on the back of the love seat watching their every move but at least she's not barking her brains out like she does when the mailman shows up. :)

It's lefty overs for dinner tonight and with housework all caught up I have plenty of play time in psp.  So will be making a tag or two for the group.

Ya'll take care and have a wonderful day and beautimous night! :)

Saturday, April 7, 2012

New Cat Came Home with a Dog

Yep, adopted a new cat.  He's maybe 5 years old, they weren't exactly sure so we'll go with 5.  He's a long hair, not sure what breed but it really doesn't matter, he's sweet as pie and gets along great with Button's and Tobey.  So we're a 3 kitty home.  Joey went to live with a friend of mine a couple of weeks ago because her kitty got hit and killed by a car.  I impressed on her that Joey is an indoor cat, not outdoor.

Here's Cocoa:  

Oh, yeah, not to forget our newest addition to the family, I also adopted a dog last week!  Yep, one teeny little Rat Terrier!  She's 8 months old, not quite housetrained, but we're working on it.  I named her Gretchyn.  She just looks like a Gretchyn!  I think she weighs in at about 8 or 9 pounds.  Yeah, she's dinky. lol

And here's Gretchyn:   

She's a doll baby!  I love her, and omg she gets along with all three cats just fine!  Probably because she's so  small they don't see her as any kind of threat.

The only wacky thing about these furbabes is that the cats are eating the dry dog food and the dog is eating the cat food.  Very strange...hmmm? lol

I hope that you all have a wonderful Easter with family and friends!  I wish my son's were closer.

Hugs to all,

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Hiya's everyone.  Late, late Saturday, early Sunday morning! :)  
I've got a new April 2012 Desktop Calendar for you here.
Hope you like.
  1024 x 768 DOWNLOAD 
800 x 600 DOWNLOAD

I hope your all having a happy weekend!


Monday, March 26, 2012

Good morning to you all!  It's chilly willy here today! brrr 39 degrees!  I had to turn the furnace back on for a while! sheesh!

I made an April 2012 Calendar I'd like to share with you.  Hope you like!
Sizes are 1024 x 768  and 800 x 600.  
Thum preview:

Well my newly adopted kitty is a Persian.  I thought maybe
by the photos I found on line that he may have
been a Russian, Siberian Longhair.  
But the vet set me straight. lol  

He's also being stubborn about his potty habits.  I think I need 
another litter box for him.  Some cats are like that.  
They just don't like to share. lol

I hope the flowers that I planted outside can hold up.  Now we
have a freeze watch for tonight. ugh.  Last week was so
beautiful in the 70's and 80's I didn't think it'd be getting so
cold again.  

Check out all of the PSP Tube Stores!  They are all having
Gorgeous Spring and Easter sales!  PSP TubeStop has some
I'm headed for on Wednesday! :)

Have a great day wherever you are!


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