Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Donuts Anyone?

Tuesday Night, well slightly Wednesday Morning.  I am starving for a donut in the worst way.  I know, my bad...As it is, I made peanutbutter pan cookies the other day and had 3 after dinner so you'd think my sweet tooth was satisfied, but noooo, it's still buggin'.  Oh well, it's after Midnight so I'm not walking across the road to the gas station where they keep all the donut goodies. lol

The weather was ok for the most part today.  But towards evening, it started heating up instead of cooling off!  I keep looking to the skies for a meteor headed for us, but nothing yet.  I think the Weather Channel's keeping secrets. lol

I got my wyfy hooked up here finally through the apartment complex.  So I called cable and told them to shut off my services.  Mostly because the budget says so, but also because I can't stand the overly mature commercials, the constant re-runs of re-runs and there's nothing new.  So I quit them.  Maybe in a couple of years down the line they'll have some new stuff that's interesting, and they'll not have the outlandish commercials.  I don't know.

Anyway, nothing else going on so closing here.
Take care all.


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