Tuesday, August 28, 2012

omg I guess I haven't been here in quite a while! lol  August has been a hectic, and frantic month for me.  I won't bore you with all the tiny details though mostly because you'd proabably laugh your ass off at me.  Anyway, just touching base today.

It's a gorgeous Tuesday here and now that there aren't any (mostly) waves rocking the boat I can relax a little.

I'm so happy, happy that I've been able to make contact with my granddaughter Anna it just blows my mind!  I can't believe she's already graduated High School and is now moving on to college!  All I can say is thank you for FaceBook!  I've let her know how much I've missed her and to please let her brothers and sisters know how much I missed them too.

I hope your all having a beautiful day today!  The sun's shining here, with 79 degrees and blue skies.  Lovin' it!

I better get dressed, still in my jamz, make the bed and get Gretchyn outside.  I didn't realize it's almost 1pm. rofl  Talk to ya'll later...

Hugs n Love,


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