Friday, May 25, 2012

Hi there folks.  
I took yesterday off after a hectic day of running around town.  The only good thing I got out of it was the best darn cheeseburger I've ever had from the South Side Six that's right next to the bank I use.  They were having a Wednesday special so I went ahead.  Since I was there, I picked up some humus and pita chips.  They make it right there and it's the best!  If you live in or around Bowling Green, you gotta try it!  And the cheeseburgers! :)  

***{{{NEWS FLASH}}}***

The PSP  NOOK is now a (.com)!
We are now our own Entity on the Web!
Don't know us?  Well come on over!

We are a Paint Shop Pro Group of
friendly members, lots of challenges and things 
to keep you busy, plus we have
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We also have monthly Banner contests
"WITH PRIZES", you betcha!!!

So if you like to create tags, forum sets, banners,
snaggables, we have lots for you to do! 

And even if you don't make tags but love to collect
them, we have that too!

Open invitation to all to join our family!  
Only requirement is a once a month post to say
hi.  We do member sweeps every so often.

Visit Us at the PSP Nook!

Have a great night everyone!


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

So sad to hear that Robin Gibbs of the Bee Gee's has died.  He had a stroke a couple of weeks ago. R.I.P. Robin.  You'll be very much missed.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Good afternoon!  

Yep, I got shook out of my slumber by an 8.2 on the Richter Scale.  Actually it wasn't an earthquake, but you really couldn't tell from all the noise and pounding!  Have taken care of the problem, finally gave in and called the Landlord about the totally inconsiderate neighbor so hopefully won't be shocked into the waking moments any more.  There are inventions that prevent these kinds of things from happening.  They are called "headphones" and "MP-3 Players".  No one should be that rude as to intrude their noise into other people's spaces.  Nuf said.

Anyway, after all the hubbubb, now it's a beautiful day.  70 awesome degrees, blue skies, poofy clouds, and a most awesome breeze!  Wish you were here to enjoy it with me!  

This weekend is Memorial Day.  I'm putting out the Flags, and having a BBQ.  I might even splurge and get a steak.  I'm thinking rib eye and mesquite marinade.  A baked potato and salad.  Maybe even a fruit salad.  

I'm really trying to avoid those hi calorie not good for my diabetes types of foods so instead of ice cream or cake, I'll be eating lots of fruits.  But don't think I won't be totally missing all my goodies!  I'm a chocolate freak, anything.  Ice cream, m&m's, cookies, *sigh....But I've made up my mind to get my sugar's under control by eating better.  I'm done being stupid about this.  I've got 2 medical issues that this will address too and now that the warm weather's here, if I don't, they're only going to get worse so it's time to step up to the plate(oh god bad pun), and square up with the home team.

Have a fabby Tuesday all!


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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Hot & Happy Saturday!  I've been just a tad busy today, but finally got around to coming up with a June 2012 Calendar for you.  Hope you like it.  Original is 1024 x 768.   Click on the thumb to view full size.

***News on the PSP Nook***
Our Paint Shop Pro Group on

We now have a "Never Ending Story"  This is going to be fun, and a
real adventure!

 I sat up the new "FRIDAY FREE PTU TUBE" Challenge on the boards.  
It's a Lottery for our Active members and every Friday, 
someone will win a PSP Tube from
the store of their choice.
We'll be using a Random name Generator to pick a winner.

We'll also be starting a BANNER contest on a Monthly basis for those Months
that don't have a big Holiday in them.  For instance, July is obviously going to be our Patriotic, red, white and blue month.  The next contest will be for August then September.   Winners of these monthly Banner contests will get a 3pak of PTU tubes from any store they like.

So yep, I was a wee bit busy today setting all these new activities up for the Group.

I'm still trying to think up something for winning a PTU Scrap Kit of choice also, but still scratching my head on this one. lol  I'm going to put this to Karron and Whynter, my awesome mgt. team and see if they can think of something.

I even made a "blinkie" for PSP Nook!  A very simple one as I'm still learning how to make the darn things. lol

Have a great Saturday evening everyone, I'm off to get a little supper.  
Oh Lordy, hunger pangs!!! :)

Visit us for some PSP Fun!

Later taters.

Hiya's in the late hours of Friday into Saturday.  I thought I'd post a blurb since I'm finding sleep far off tonight.

I wanted to announce here that 4TART Lovers is no more, and we've adopted a new name for the forum: "the PSP Nook"...Kinda cute, sorta quaint.  We all thought it was a pretty neat name to go by.  The reasoning for the change is that ProBoards is now offering us our own domain name so I asked our members if they would like to hang on to 4TART Lovers or change it to something new before getting the domain name.  Well, it's settled. lol

So this Wednesday we get our new URL then probably by the weekend we'll have our own Domain Name.  This is so cool and exciting!♥♥♥

I'm going to add a couple of new boards too.  

  • a Never Ending Story, and
  • a Daily Question
Maybe even a
  • Friday Free Tube Lottery using a random name generator.  Then whoever gets the free tube, has to make a tag for someone else with it.
Nearly 4 a.m. so I'm hittin' the trail now.  
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Happy Thursday to you all!  I am so happy!  I got my garden 98% taken care of so far!  I still have a couple of veggie type items to plant, like lettuce and squash, but that's it.  The tomato plants are coming along great, and these are from last years plants!  These are 2nd year plants so I guess they're considered Heirloom now? lol  I don't know, but it sounds good. :)  

It's a fabby day coming in at 66 degrees, and a bluebird blue sky with pretty puffy clouds.  I am so enjoying a wonderful Spring day today and tomorrow's supposed to be more of the same. yay!

Okies, I'm off to play in PSP so ya'll have a great day and a Beautimous night!

hugs to all,

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Hiya's all...Tuesday, waiting on NCIS tonight.  Both shows are Season Finale so I'll probably have to wait and watch re-runs until mid July or August.  I hate the way they make you wait for the new shows, I know they're already in the can, so what's the big hubbub?  I dunno.  Go figure Hollywood, eh?

I gave my dog Gretchyn a middle name.  Houdini.  OMG I can't believe her!  She can get out of her harness in a heartbeat and so far, the dog crate has not been able to hold her even though I put the front door up against the wall.  No worries, there's a back window and molded holes in the side so there's no risk of her running out of oxygen.  Or vim & vigor for that matter!  She's 8 pounds soaking wet and has more energy than the Energizer Bunnie!  No kidding!  She's wonderful though.

It only took 2 weeks to put the finishing touches on my blog, and now that it's done, I'll more'n likely forget about it for another 2 weeks. lol  Probably around the time I make a new background. lol

Okies, nothing much new so later tater's...

Hugs to all,

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