Saturday, May 19, 2012

Hot & Happy Saturday!  I've been just a tad busy today, but finally got around to coming up with a June 2012 Calendar for you.  Hope you like it.  Original is 1024 x 768.   Click on the thumb to view full size.

***News on the PSP Nook***
Our Paint Shop Pro Group on

We now have a "Never Ending Story"  This is going to be fun, and a
real adventure!

 I sat up the new "FRIDAY FREE PTU TUBE" Challenge on the boards.  
It's a Lottery for our Active members and every Friday, 
someone will win a PSP Tube from
the store of their choice.
We'll be using a Random name Generator to pick a winner.

We'll also be starting a BANNER contest on a Monthly basis for those Months
that don't have a big Holiday in them.  For instance, July is obviously going to be our Patriotic, red, white and blue month.  The next contest will be for August then September.   Winners of these monthly Banner contests will get a 3pak of PTU tubes from any store they like.

So yep, I was a wee bit busy today setting all these new activities up for the Group.

I'm still trying to think up something for winning a PTU Scrap Kit of choice also, but still scratching my head on this one. lol  I'm going to put this to Karron and Whynter, my awesome mgt. team and see if they can think of something.

I even made a "blinkie" for PSP Nook!  A very simple one as I'm still learning how to make the darn things. lol

Have a great Saturday evening everyone, I'm off to get a little supper.  
Oh Lordy, hunger pangs!!! :)

Visit us for some PSP Fun!

Later taters.

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