Friday, March 29, 2013

Happy Good Friday!  I got my miracle finally!

My son Ron has invited me to their home for Easter Dinner!  I am so excited!!!  It's been over 5 years since I've seen any of them so I am truly in Seventh Heaven!

Maybe now, we can get our lives back on track and start communicating with each other like it was before.

I'm so excited!  Did I say that yet? lol  A Huge WooHoo!!!

We're also going to Church for the Easter Service first, then on to their house for dinner so Anna and I were busy last night trying to figure out what I was going to wear, then what she was going to wear.   I'm still not for sure on what I'm going to wear because I've lost so much weight, not much fits anymore.  So I'll probably wing it...

I hope you all have a beautiful, blessed, loving Easter Weekend

hugs for all,


Monday, March 25, 2013

OMG what a crazy Monday it's been!  We got snow to begin with.  Thank God whoever shoveled our sidewalks was kind enough to shovel off my ramp!  How awesome of them!!!

Then Anna's phone went nutz on her and I couldn't get a hold of her for bean soup!  Her boss was trying to get hold of her.  She finally got home, tired and angry but got back in touch with her employer to verify her new hours for the next couple of days.  Whew!!!

All day it was phone and message tag between her boss and her cell phone which had gone wonky.

So everything with Anna worked out finally.

I was fit to be tied last night after I'd posted all my tuts and the Mystery tut.  OMG I had no idea that all we could use were FTU scrap kits in the tuts!  And, I had mistaken the order in which we post the Mystery tut.  So mine was deleted and the person who was supposed to post got hers posted.  So I spent a couple more hours re-posting tuts and animated tuts plus the Mod's tuts so they all had FTU kits to use.  My problem is that forever, since everyone is using PTU tubes in their tuts, to me it was "what's the diff" so wasn't worrying about FTU scrap kits. ugh and ugh!  Phooey, they're done now and now I know.  PTU tube or not, the scrapkit has to be FTU. sheesh!  Who knew???  I didn't!  Thank goodness another Mod pm'd me and let me know about it.

I made cheeseburgers for supper yesterday.  Dumb move on my part.  I don't get any more pain patches until Wednesday so all night and today my stomache's been killing me.  It's better now after nothing but liquids.  So for supper today I made egg drop soup and had some buttery crackers with it.  Oh yeah, I finally figured out how to make perfect egg drop soup!!!

2 cups of water and 5 chicken boullion cubes to boil.
1 cup of water in a cup with 3 tablespoons of corn starch, mix well.

Pour into pan of boiling water/boullion cubes, lower to medium heat and stir until thickened.

Take 3 eggs, seperate the whites from the yolks.

Slowly pour in the whites to the medium heat soup.  They cook perfect in a minute and it tastes so good.  I had some buttery crackers with it and it made a great supper!

Well, that's it for me...


Sunday, March 24, 2013

Howdy all!  It's a quiet Sunday.  Anna's still MIA at her BF's and not sure when she's getting back.  Soon I hope as she's got the kitty food that I requested. lol  I'm sure she'll show up this afternoon sometime.  BF has to go to work...ha

I woke up feeling good, in no pain, "Thank you Jesus", and at 1:00 p.m. in the afternoon. ROFL  I haven't slept that late in a long time.  I must have needed it or I'd of been up at my usual 10:30 in the a.m.... I was up late last night though, and decided that midnight was a good time to eat dinner so I made eggs and butterbread.  I didn't eat it all, I shared with my adoring little pup Gretchyn and she was so happy to get some of the yummies that I fixed.  Yep, midnight. lol  It's probably why I slept so late, and had a wierd dream about my screen door being ripped away from the frame and blew all over the neighborhood bouncing off other buildings and cars and such.

I've got work to take care of later on in the group I'm in, Creative Addictions.  Tuts, Animated Tuts, the Mod's chally.  I found all the links I needed yesterday, all I have to do now is get them copy/pasted into the right spot on line.

Okies, nothing much else to say except I hope ya'll have a beautiful Sunday...

Later taters...Warm Hugs

Cool tag eh?  I wrote the tutorial for this and will be posting it at Creative Addictions when it's time for me to do the "MYSTERY TUTORIAL'  teehee...

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Happy Saturday to you all!  A huge difference since Tuesday!  I saw the doctor at the Pain Clinic here and I'm now being treated for my Chronic Pancratitus and my Fibromyalgia!  WooHoo, God answers prayer in the most mysterious ways!!!  I'm a happy camper walking on cloud 9 now!

I get a pain patch to wear on my belly, and the doctor is going to start injection therapy after he gets the results back from my MRI.  Also, he upped the doses for my Neurontin and Flexeril which will help tremendously!  Something about a tens unit also.

He, the doctor is also hooking me up with the hospital dietition to get me situated in what's safe to eat and shouldn't eat between my diabetes and pancreatitus.  I've been waiting on this one for a long time!

So life doesn't seem so down anymore!  And with this, and soon to be warmer weather, I'm going to start back to Church well, just as soon as I get some clothes that fit.  Yeah,  Since this all started, I've gone from 275 down to 149 pounds and absolutely nothing I have fits anymore!  I need to tie knots in some things, and wear suspenders for other things, so on, yada, yada. rofl

Check the critter page, I'm adding some new piccies of the phurbabes.  Love my boys and my girl, they are my Special Babes!

Ewww what's happened to Spring????  Here ya go...


Enjoy your weekend!


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Hi everyone on this cold, windy, crappy Tuesday.  I woke up in loads of pain today.  Thank God I still have a few vicodin from my latest trip to the ER last week.  I'm trying to make them stretch as best I can so I don't have to end up in the ER again to soon.  At least they didn't make me go through the CT scan or drink the nasty ass contrast water this time. UGH!  So 12:30pm roles around and I gave in and took a vicodin.  I couldn't go any longer.  And now, at 3pm, I'm finally feeling a little better.  Whew!  I really hate this and I know I'm going to have to get used to being in pain all the time.  I'm so "NOT" looking forward to this!!!

We're having a fish fry tonight.  Well, I'm cooking and Anna's getting the fried, I'm going to bake mine to stay away from the oil in the deep fryer.  I finally figured out the perfect breading to use when I fry chicken or fish.   It's a half flour, half cracker mix with some spices in it.  You dip the chicken or fish in a egg/milk mixture sort of like scrambled egg, then dip it in the flour/cracker mix.  omg It makes such a yummy crispy, crunchy crust and works great on both!  I might even try it on my pork chops and salmon patties!  Just won't be able to eat any of it. *waaaah, waaaah....Oh, with the crackers, I put a pack of them in a gallon zip lock bag and crush them with my rolling pin.  Then mix it in with the flour.  I usually put garlic powder, lemon pepper, Italian seasonings and cajun spice in with the mix.

I've even come up with my own version of V8 Juice.  One can of green beans drained, a can of mixed veggies, minus the potato squares, and a large can of tomato juice.  I added in some No-Salt, a wee bit of garlic powder, and celery salt.  I blended it thoroughly and it really tastes good!  This is an easy way for me to get my veggies without upsetting my tummy and it has also worked on cleaning out my system! WooHoo!

Dairy products are ok in my new diet too but cheese always constipates me.  So when I do eat something cheesy, I'll just make sure to keep a bottle of my new V-8 on hand.

And with that note to close on, lol, I'm going to heat up some boullion for lunch and close here.

Have a great day everyone~

Monday, March 18, 2013

Hello and a Happy Monday to you!  It's a cold, gray, dismal kind of day so I decided to stay indoors and have myself an X-Files marathon!  I'm watching the one about "Modell, the Pusher" at the moment and his sister is trying to kill him.  Love it.  It's in Season five.

I splurged a bit too and got Season's 9 and 10 of StarGate SG-1.  Now it's a complete set.  Then got a few movies that have been wanted for quite some time.

Volcano, District 9, Independance Day, Cloverfield, Skyline, The Day After Tomorrow, and the Jeepers Creepers set.

I finally got the MacGyver #7 Season and both of the movies.  WooHoo for Amazon!  Love that place!  I found they have a wish list so added a bzillion movies, tv series to it.

I figured out what I'm getting Anna for her Birthday.  First off she's getting a laptop.  Then there's some leggings I want to get her.  2 crochet books.  Ones for beginners the other has 40 different granny square designs.  She loves granny squares.  Also, getting her a couple of awesome cook books that I know she will love!  So I think we're covered.

So far I'm having a blast working as a Moderator at Creative Addictions!  Right now I'm in the middle of 2 weeks off and then I'm going to get blasted with 1-Tutorials, then 2- Animated Tutorials, plus, I have to come up with a tutorial of my own for the Mystery Tutorial.  Every time I think about it, I go into instant brain freeze. lol  I hope I can pull it off!

Oh, I'm also running my own Always List!  The link is for my April Sign Ups if you'd like to join the group and get some snazzy tags.  Every time I make a tag or forum set, my ladies also get one of same...I love this because it keeps me busy.   I'm flipping happy that they like my tags!

Also, Creative Addictions now has their own BLOGGER!  How cool!  You can download all sorts of stuff like Masks, Templates, Scrap Kits and more!  Right now it's the Easter Theme so if your looking for some fantastic Easter items, get there soon!

I've also gotten back into reading.  I'm reading Dean Koontz' "Velocity" right now.  I know it's a '95 book, and yeah, I've had it that long. lol  I have a few more of his books I bought a long time ago too that I'm going to be getting into.  Seems my meds are working ok right now and I can concentrate a bit better so I'm taking advantage of it while I can.  On the inside cover of "Velocity", is a list of his books too so I might just start collecting them all. lol  He's a great writer!

This month is the last payment to the credit bureau so next month will be a lot easier on us.  Tobey's the first thing to be taken care of.  He has a minor surgery we are taking care of.  Then, it's Oreo's turn the following month.  Then my little Gretchyn is getting spayed.  No puppies for her.  Not much call for Jack Russel/Rat Terrier mix puppies so it'd be impossible for me to find homes for them.

Okies, I wrote a novella here and nothing about pancreatitus! YaY!  I'm ok today, not in much pain at all.  Happy happy!!!

Ciao Baby, adios, see's ya'll later....Have a wonderful evening!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

I'm  now a new member of a "Chronic Pain" group in Yahoo.  The link is to their Blog.  It's a daily devotion that will be sending me uplifting emails on a daily basis.  I'm also told that I may be able to join in and write devotions of my own.  Since my Pancreatitus has progressed into "Chronic" mode, I have abdomen pain now on a daily  basis and am finding myself in need of some rays of sunshine to brighten my days.

I don't know all that much about the pancreas.  Or if now being in a chronic state of pain means that I won't be around much longer, or who knows, for years as it continues to bring me pain and sadness.  Will I even want to live for years with this constant agony?  I don't know.

At this point, I must get to a Gastroenterologist to get a game plan going so that I can come back to my family doctor, get a referral and start going to our hospitals pain clinic for treatment.

I can't go this month as I don't have the co-pay for the Gastro.  But plan on it next month as I won't be choked financially with the CCB.  So beginning in May, my trek will begin into Toledo, then back here to Bowling Green, then the hospital.  This is my game plan.  And that is if the Good Lord doesn't decide to take me early.  Then I won't need to worry about it. lol

I also found a diet to try and follow for "Chronic Pancreatitus".  Chicken, eggs, turkey, fish, lean pork, all boiled, poached or baked.  Nothing fried or grilled.  Well there goes my 4th of July grilling out of the Rib eye steaks I was going to get for Anna and I.  This diet does not mention red meat at all so I'm assuming it's also off the list.  So Rib eye is twice removed now. lol  Oh I don't know, I think maybe just this once and in small portions I may survive....I'll be crossing my fingers on the 4th.

Anna and I are doing great!  It's been awesome having her here!   She's been helpful getting me around to the stores and bank and such!

She's also now got a good job working as a home health care aide which she really loves too!

Anyway, Happy St. Patrick's Day today.  Not much else going on to note so closing.

See's ya round...