Monday, March 18, 2013

Hello and a Happy Monday to you!  It's a cold, gray, dismal kind of day so I decided to stay indoors and have myself an X-Files marathon!  I'm watching the one about "Modell, the Pusher" at the moment and his sister is trying to kill him.  Love it.  It's in Season five.

I splurged a bit too and got Season's 9 and 10 of StarGate SG-1.  Now it's a complete set.  Then got a few movies that have been wanted for quite some time.

Volcano, District 9, Independance Day, Cloverfield, Skyline, The Day After Tomorrow, and the Jeepers Creepers set.

I finally got the MacGyver #7 Season and both of the movies.  WooHoo for Amazon!  Love that place!  I found they have a wish list so added a bzillion movies, tv series to it.

I figured out what I'm getting Anna for her Birthday.  First off she's getting a laptop.  Then there's some leggings I want to get her.  2 crochet books.  Ones for beginners the other has 40 different granny square designs.  She loves granny squares.  Also, getting her a couple of awesome cook books that I know she will love!  So I think we're covered.

So far I'm having a blast working as a Moderator at Creative Addictions!  Right now I'm in the middle of 2 weeks off and then I'm going to get blasted with 1-Tutorials, then 2- Animated Tutorials, plus, I have to come up with a tutorial of my own for the Mystery Tutorial.  Every time I think about it, I go into instant brain freeze. lol  I hope I can pull it off!

Oh, I'm also running my own Always List!  The link is for my April Sign Ups if you'd like to join the group and get some snazzy tags.  Every time I make a tag or forum set, my ladies also get one of same...I love this because it keeps me busy.   I'm flipping happy that they like my tags!

Also, Creative Addictions now has their own BLOGGER!  How cool!  You can download all sorts of stuff like Masks, Templates, Scrap Kits and more!  Right now it's the Easter Theme so if your looking for some fantastic Easter items, get there soon!

I've also gotten back into reading.  I'm reading Dean Koontz' "Velocity" right now.  I know it's a '95 book, and yeah, I've had it that long. lol  I have a few more of his books I bought a long time ago too that I'm going to be getting into.  Seems my meds are working ok right now and I can concentrate a bit better so I'm taking advantage of it while I can.  On the inside cover of "Velocity", is a list of his books too so I might just start collecting them all. lol  He's a great writer!

This month is the last payment to the credit bureau so next month will be a lot easier on us.  Tobey's the first thing to be taken care of.  He has a minor surgery we are taking care of.  Then, it's Oreo's turn the following month.  Then my little Gretchyn is getting spayed.  No puppies for her.  Not much call for Jack Russel/Rat Terrier mix puppies so it'd be impossible for me to find homes for them.

Okies, I wrote a novella here and nothing about pancreatitus! YaY!  I'm ok today, not in much pain at all.  Happy happy!!!

Ciao Baby, adios, see's ya'll later....Have a wonderful evening!

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