Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Hi everyone on this cold, windy, crappy Tuesday.  I woke up in loads of pain today.  Thank God I still have a few vicodin from my latest trip to the ER last week.  I'm trying to make them stretch as best I can so I don't have to end up in the ER again to soon.  At least they didn't make me go through the CT scan or drink the nasty ass contrast water this time. UGH!  So 12:30pm roles around and I gave in and took a vicodin.  I couldn't go any longer.  And now, at 3pm, I'm finally feeling a little better.  Whew!  I really hate this and I know I'm going to have to get used to being in pain all the time.  I'm so "NOT" looking forward to this!!!

We're having a fish fry tonight.  Well, I'm cooking and Anna's getting the fried, I'm going to bake mine to stay away from the oil in the deep fryer.  I finally figured out the perfect breading to use when I fry chicken or fish.   It's a half flour, half cracker mix with some spices in it.  You dip the chicken or fish in a egg/milk mixture sort of like scrambled egg, then dip it in the flour/cracker mix.  omg It makes such a yummy crispy, crunchy crust and works great on both!  I might even try it on my pork chops and salmon patties!  Just won't be able to eat any of it. *waaaah, waaaah....Oh, with the crackers, I put a pack of them in a gallon zip lock bag and crush them with my rolling pin.  Then mix it in with the flour.  I usually put garlic powder, lemon pepper, Italian seasonings and cajun spice in with the mix.

I've even come up with my own version of V8 Juice.  One can of green beans drained, a can of mixed veggies, minus the potato squares, and a large can of tomato juice.  I added in some No-Salt, a wee bit of garlic powder, and celery salt.  I blended it thoroughly and it really tastes good!  This is an easy way for me to get my veggies without upsetting my tummy and it has also worked on cleaning out my system! WooHoo!

Dairy products are ok in my new diet too but cheese always constipates me.  So when I do eat something cheesy, I'll just make sure to keep a bottle of my new V-8 on hand.

And with that note to close on, lol, I'm going to heat up some boullion for lunch and close here.

Have a great day everyone~

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