Sunday, March 17, 2013

I'm  now a new member of a "Chronic Pain" group in Yahoo.  The link is to their Blog.  It's a daily devotion that will be sending me uplifting emails on a daily basis.  I'm also told that I may be able to join in and write devotions of my own.  Since my Pancreatitus has progressed into "Chronic" mode, I have abdomen pain now on a daily  basis and am finding myself in need of some rays of sunshine to brighten my days.

I don't know all that much about the pancreas.  Or if now being in a chronic state of pain means that I won't be around much longer, or who knows, for years as it continues to bring me pain and sadness.  Will I even want to live for years with this constant agony?  I don't know.

At this point, I must get to a Gastroenterologist to get a game plan going so that I can come back to my family doctor, get a referral and start going to our hospitals pain clinic for treatment.

I can't go this month as I don't have the co-pay for the Gastro.  But plan on it next month as I won't be choked financially with the CCB.  So beginning in May, my trek will begin into Toledo, then back here to Bowling Green, then the hospital.  This is my game plan.  And that is if the Good Lord doesn't decide to take me early.  Then I won't need to worry about it. lol

I also found a diet to try and follow for "Chronic Pancreatitus".  Chicken, eggs, turkey, fish, lean pork, all boiled, poached or baked.  Nothing fried or grilled.  Well there goes my 4th of July grilling out of the Rib eye steaks I was going to get for Anna and I.  This diet does not mention red meat at all so I'm assuming it's also off the list.  So Rib eye is twice removed now. lol  Oh I don't know, I think maybe just this once and in small portions I may survive....I'll be crossing my fingers on the 4th.

Anna and I are doing great!  It's been awesome having her here!   She's been helpful getting me around to the stores and bank and such!

She's also now got a good job working as a home health care aide which she really loves too!

Anyway, Happy St. Patrick's Day today.  Not much else going on to note so closing.

See's ya round...

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