Saturday, December 22, 2012

Oh seriously.  August?  Omg I can't believe it.  How time just flies!  Even if your not having any fun! Sheesh!  That's about a third of a year!  Where the where was I all this time?  Well, I can say this much, I spend tons of time over at Creative Addictions PSP Group because it's a total BLAST!  There's just so much fun to be had there!
Well, it's been an adventure, that's for sure.  I have a new kitten!  His name's Oreo and he's about 5 months old now. 
Isn't he just adorable?
I wanted to rename him "DoubleStuff" because of all of the white. lol  But he's still Oreo...  I know, I have a page for all of my furbabes, but I wanted you to see him right off the bat! lol
Yesterday was the first day of Winter.  It was also the last day of the World.  erm, umm, I'm still here, how about you? lmao  The end of the Mayan calander.  I usually put a new on up on the wall come January 1st....  Why didn't they? lol
I'm finally in the last leg (pardon the pun) of getting a scooter.  Woo Hoo!!!  Yep, all that's needed now is one final visit to my doctor, him filling out the paperwork, sending it on to my insurance company and getting my scooter!  I'm so glad too because the old left leg is about useless at this point.   I'm anxious and really excited!
Here's hoping you all have a wonderful Merry Christmas,
and a Happy New Year!
Huge Hugs,

Maybe I should explain my nick a little.  It was actually given to me about 5 years ago by a sweet friend who lives on one of the Grecian Isles.  I didn't think I liked it at first, but thought about it for a while.  My family has a lot of "Ron's" in it.  My Dad, one of my Grandfathers, my son.  Anyway, I never really liked Rhonda at all.  There's a "doh" at the end. LMAO  So okies, I decided that Rhon was fine with me so for five years  now I've been using Rhon as my screen name.  So there ya have it.

I'd love to change my name in RL but it would break my Dad's heart because he actually  named me for the actress "Rhonda Flemming".  He loved her red hair!!! lol

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