Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Omg what a day!  Well it's been about 2 weeks but I finally caved in and headed to the ER with an overnight bag deciding that I just couldn't take the freaking pain any longer.  I kept hoping it was something like a pulled muscle in my abdomen from my coughing.  Yeah, I have smokers cough. ugh.  The pain didn't go away, it kept getting worse, and the last couple of days I was absolutely miserable!  All I was eating, well drinking was the broth from ramen  noodles, chicken noodle soup and nothing else.

Anyway, got there at 5p.m.  The wait was unbearable but I hung in there.  Finally got to my room, waited another half hour.  So, after seeing 2 nurses, the lady who gets all the insurance info, I got tagged then had to drink the "contrast" water so they could send me off to CT scan.  That went fine.  I got hooked up to a bag of saline, they toook the blood, and got my morphine through it.  Ohhhh at last!  Relief!  That's when I started welling up with tears because of the relief.  I'd put up with this for 2 weeks and it was finally over.  Whew!

All of the tests came back, and yep, it was my pancreas again.  Acute "plus" Chronic.  The nurse explained that being that it's chronic, it will be coming back.  Oh fun!  I did not want to hear this!  I have enough chronic crap in my body to add another one, but guess I'll just have to deal with it. pfffft!

She gave me a bunch of great tips though to hold it off hopefully for long periods of time.  I will be using these tips, because I sure don't want to have to deal with this agony again as long as I can help it!  It causes so much pain in my lower back, shoulders, and my entire abdomen!  So there's really no comfortable way to sit, lay down, stand, double over, etc.... So even sleep for the last 2 weeks has been horrible.

Now that the tests and results were done, they said that I could come home.  It was midnight!  But ya know?  I didn't want to be there anyway, and didn't want the cats and dog to spend any more time alone.  They paid for the cab to bring me home.  I was fine with that, because a cab at midnight here is on the pricey side.  The cab I normally use only runs until 8p.m.

Three days more of liquid diet, move up to jello and yogurt and then really soft foods like mashed potatoes with "no" butter. ewwwww.  Oh Lord, anything to get past this!

So they sent me home with a prescription for pain, and a prescription strength pepto to keep the vicodin from upsetting my already violated tummy.  Thank you Lord for saving the day today! 

Anyway, that's how I spent my day.  Now listening to my oldies channel watching the cats do their craziness in the middle of the night and feeling my Gretchyn staring at me waiting for me to pack it in and go to bed. lol  One more cup of hot tea should do it.  Take my meds and hit the trail.

I have tags to post over at Creative Addictions but I'm waiting until tomorrow.

Niters all....

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