Saturday, January 12, 2013

Happy Saturday!  Still having a medium amount of pain, but slowly getting better.  I tried ramen noodles w noodles last night instead of just drinking the broth and a couple pieces of toast.  So far so good. 

I made a big bowl of pudding last night and later today I'm going to try a cup of it and hope that it'll treat my pancreas ok and not backfire on me. lol  I still don't understand why the ER or my doctor didn't put me on an antibiotic. 

It's a gorgeous day today and I've got the door open for fresh air.  The dog and cats are loving it!  Me too! lol  It's nice but today's the last of our January thaw so it's back to canned air tomorrow.

The college kids are all on line so I've been fighting for a smidge of internet access today.  For a while, I just gave up when it went down to 3 bars. ugh

Yep, I've given up on The Nook, no one wants to do any challenges, or even sign in so it's a no go.  I don't blame them, there are so many other groups out there that are more active and fun.  Even I have found myself constantly at Creative Addictions as a member because it's such a great group!  So Nook will just sit there till the .com runs out and I'll probably just delete it.  What's the use of having a group when there's no one there?

Hope your all having a nice Saturday!

Hugs to all,

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