Thursday, January 17, 2013

Hi people...Hey, what's the deal with Grumpy Bumpers?  Are they down again?  Is there a limit to how many pics you can use in one set?  I added a few more to my 71 and now nothing's coming up. grrr

It's 30f degrees here today.  It's windy so feels like 20. brrr.  Next week is "really" going to freeze my taters, nothing over 20f degrees!  Here comes the dead of Winter...omg  Get me outa here fast!  I hate our freezing cold weather!  I think they blow it in from Siberia!  Lordy!

Things are moving along with my new job at Creative Addictions.  We've got a schedule  now for the Mod's challenge which we're all taking part in and guess who's up next?  Yep, yours truly!  I've offered up a suggestion of what I'd like to have done and am waiting on the go ahead from the others before I start hunting down the items that I need for it.  I am so excited!  My first run at helping! WooHoo!

I'm making masks now!  So far, I've got 5 made!  They're Valentines masks and Belinda's saving them for CA's new Blog so when the Blog's all done, she's going to put them on it somewhere!  She says I'm doing great and I can make all I like so I'm going to keep on until I run out of ideas.  I mean, how many hearts and flowers masks can one make, right? Smile/Wink...

I'm feeling so much better today even though I didn't climb into bed until 5 a.m. last night and got up at 10:30 this morning. No nap either so doing pretty good. Since I couldn't sleep last night, I made a pot of potato soup with beef and bacon. It turned out fantastic!!! Even Gretchyn can appreciate that mamma is a good cook. lol She had 2 bowls all by herself! lol At seperate times of course.

I'm on the Fox Network waiting for Charlie Sheen's Show but don't seem to be getting it. hmmm  All that's on is American Idol.  I don't like that show but am suffering through to see if Charlie comes up next maybe.  I hope so, I think he's a great actor. 

Well, later taters, take care...

It's our TV time now, shhhh Thank you...

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