Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Last Leg 'O Summer Here~AUGUST

Hello, hello!  August 1st!  Yeah, it's still hot. lol  We have 3 days of real hot here too! ugh  Looks like AC and indoor activities for me!  That would be psp. lol

New skins and banners have been afixed to the Nook and I just made a new blinkie for the top too.  I won't have to bug my best friend Alexa to make them anymore, I finally figured them out.  Well, the easy ones anyway. lmbo  No way can I do those extravagent ones I've seen with so many motion pictures going on.

Any way, here it is if you'd like to add it to your blog or fb or whatever...
Am I getting good at these or what? lol
The url's easy enough:

Yep, that's it. 

Ya'll ought to come over and join, and have some fun in Paint Shop Pro.  Of course, we wouldn't mind at all if you used another graphics program like PhotoShop, or Elements, or Gimp, whatever you like to use.

We love to make tags and forum sets to share!

We have Tutorials, Challenges, all sorts of activities for graphics friends!

One more day and I get to see my darling Granddaughter Anna!  If I'm being redundant, sorry, but it's been around five years and I'm just so excited to get the chance to get to see her again!  Maybe one day I'll get to see all the others, but I'm just totally grateful that I'll be able to see my Anna!

Off to walk the dog, ya'll take care now...


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