Thursday, June 28, 2012

WoW hello after an almost 2 week hiatus~UGH my computer crapped out on me so sat here all that time twiddling my thumbs!  Well, almost.  I did finish a throw and began another one to keep the walls from crumbling down around me. lol  Yep, another computer junkie here!
Ok no saving the old computer so had to get a new one.  Nice too.  Oh, yes, it's a rental as no way could I afford it on my budget if I had to pay full up front.  Nope.  Livin' in the brokesville zone... pfffft...

I got this bad boy yesterday, but it took me 'till noon today to find the papers with my modem's hush hush numbers and such to get on line.  I'm still scratching my head on how they became hidden under stuff when I normally put everything Computer all in one place! hmmmm  Oh yeah, I was sweating bullets to say the least!  But finally found, and back on line! YaY!

Now to install Paint Shop Pro and all of it's goodies and all my shortcuts back.  All that fun stuff! lol


My wonderful little girlie girl dog is doing lots better in the
housetraining thing.  Whew!  She was beginning to worry me!
She's not quite a year old though so I've been giving her a few breaks here and there.  Not many though as it's been getting on my nerves...

It's a freaking hot "101" out today so I'm hiding inside with AC.  It's going to be God love the electric  company at the end of the month, that's for sure. ugh and so ugh.

Nuff of my boring life for now,
ya'll take care...


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