Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Howdy on this totally boring Tuesday! lol  Not a darn thing happening today.  Actually, since there was nothing happening, I changed clothes on my blog!  Now I have Christina Lank gloriously attending! :)  I love her Swan, and wanted to show it off so what better than adorning my blog!  Don'tcha just love it?

Our Group, PSP-NOOK is now having the 4th of July Contest for the Banner!  We've got some really awesome entries so far!  You ought to come over and check it out!  Join in and have some fun!  And you betcha, there are Prizes!  No slacking in that department!

My sweet, loving, adorable doggie friend has turned the page.  She now waits until I'm asleep and then goes and finds things to eat.  2 Pair of underwear can now be sold at Frederichs as crotchless.  So now the laundry basket is up high on a dresser.  She's demolished several cat toys.  So now I only leave a couple down at night that hopefully she'll find no interest in.  My favorite pair of sandals are now out in the dumpster.  So now all of my shoes stay in the hall closet.  I'm praying she leaves my slippers alone because I leave them by the bed at night.  I forgot yesterday and left my other sandals, Earth Shoes out and laid down for a nap.  She found 'em alright.  I caught her though before she totally mangled one of them.  It's only partially chewed so I can still wear them.  She also went into my hoodie pocket and grabbed the black electrical tape that was inside because I needed to fix something, but I'm not sure if this role of tape is even usable anymore.  I grabbed it off the floor and threw it in a drawer before checking it out.  OMG  nothing is safe from the "Destroyer"....sheesh!  Oh I love my rotten little "Ratserferious Terrier"....hmmmmm  All this even though I've provided her with lots and lots of CHEW TOYS!

I'm going to post some more snags on the SNAG page too so check 'em out!  If you like them, Snag away!  There's now 2 pages of SNAGGABLES so please check them out and have some fun Snagging some new Extras!

Have a wonderful day today all, make it a safe and happy one!


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