Saturday, June 9, 2012

Yep, once again.  Okies, could it be the heat? lol

Hope your all having a great Saturday!  It's real warm here but awesome nice!  It's warm enough for me to say I'm having left overs from yesterdays grill out!  Hamburg's and a couple wienies... nukim's

I just posted some more Snags on my Snaggables page if you want to go check
them out.  And please do, snag away!

Come visit our Group, if you like making tags, forum sets and such, we have a lot of fun with Paint Shop Pro and Photoshop!  There are lots of challenges and even contests with prizes!  Every Friday we have a Lottery for active members where if their name comes up they win a PTU Tube of their choice.

We also have a monthly Banner Contest with 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners!  1st gets a 3pak, 2nd gets 2, and 3rd gets a scrapkit, all of their choice as winners.

Not much else, it's hot, I'm cranky, the furbabes are just lollin' around and we're having leftovers for dinner.  So ending here.


Visit Us at the PSP Nook!

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