Tuesday, July 24, 2012

What a day!  It was horribly hot!  It got to 97 with heat indicies to 107. UGH~Not sure how we survived before without AC!  I'll bet we lost lots of folk and no one ever talked about it is all.  That'd be my guess.  Back then there were loads of things they didn't talk about.  I'm being Super careful not to go crazy running the AC all the time, my electric bill is scary enough!

I rescheduled my shrink as I was not going to stand outside waiting for a cab for nearly half hour in the heat!  I can always call the nurse and get refills on meds so it's not a big deal.  I was supposed to see my case manager too, but I'm sure she'll be alright. 

Our Paint Shop Pro group, PSP~Nook has grown a little, matured some and now has a rating of EAC.  It wasn't much ado, the members all voted and that's that.   I always try and make sure that our members are included in whatever we do at the Nook. 

I'm up late again.  Sanctuary's on SyFy and I'm kind of listening to it.  I miss Amanda Tapping as a blonde.  I think she looked so much better.  But I suppose that's the look they wanted for her in StarGate and in Sanctuary, since it's her show, she can look like she wants.

I've been spending a lot of time over at Creative Addictions also.  I really like the group!  They have all sorts going on, and challenges every 2 weeks.  I love doing the challenges, it keeps my mind busy.  I don't do the tut challenges though, I can't follow tuts very well any more so I do the other ones. 

I hear my bed calling me now so will close here.  Goodnight all.  Take care, stay safe, and keep cool.


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