Saturday, July 14, 2012

Happy Saturday to you all!  It's on the warm side here, but not too bad actually.

I'm having a cozy, uncomplicated day here and I'm loving it!

I had a ripe tomato out in the garden of tomatoland, unfortunately, with all the heat and dry weather, I got an unhappy surprise.  I picked the beautifully red fruit off the vine, and when I turned it over, it was all dried up and shrivelled. UGH, and UGH!  Even with all my watering best I could, it didn't make it. :(  Talk about a bummer!!!  I hope this doesn't happen all summer with the rest of them, because there's a bzillion of 'em hanging on the vines waiting to ripen.

I just added a new blinkie over on the right hand side.  Whynter/Alexa is creating Scrap Kits now so I put up her blinkie so you can go check them out!  They're FTU which is free to use, so go grab 'em!  They are lovely!

Summer has hit full force across the internet and groups are getting so slow.  It's difficult to pick out any kind of challenges to do when there aren't enough members participating so I'm just letting the ones posted at the Nook ride until we get more activity.

Okies, I'm headed over to FaceBook and bug my son Dale so he knows I'm still alive and kicking. lol

Take care my friends and have a fabby weekend!


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