Monday, April 8, 2013

Good Monday evening to you!  Well yes, last Sunday was wonderful getting to see my grandchildren, son & dil again.  And even though I was elated in the day, I fell asleep on the couch after dinner. rofl  I'm such a wimp! lol  It gave my son some time with Anna and they worked on her car a little bit.  I think that was great that they had time together!

Well today's weather was outstanding!  A warm 72 degrees with lots of sun!  Unfortunately, my chronic pancreatitus kept me from enjoying a nice long walk with Gretchyn.  It was more of a ten minutes headed back home so I could sit down again.  I thank God though that I got a precious 10 minutes out in the glorious Spring weather!  'Course Gretchyn kind of pouted for a while when we got back.

I'd of put her out on her lead, but she's still psycho puppy and would eat her halter again.  Third one!  So I know for a fact that the Thunder Shirt wouldn't work for her, it'd be like giving her a mega buffet!  A $40 buffet.  Not gonna happen....

Well I hope you all have a wonderful evening!  Pretty soon as it gets a little bit warmer, I'll be adding some new photos for you...

Huge Hugs from Bowling Greens Crazy Cat Granny,

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