Monday, March 12, 2012

Having a Twilight Zone Monday

Omg It's Monday. The first Monday after Daylight Savings Time went into affect. ugh  Give me another two weeks to catch up with it. lol

I've updated my blog a bit.  Removed a couple of dead links to start with.  Put my Friend Whynter's Blinkies up on the right.  The top one goes to Whynter's main blog.  Her second one is in my Tut listings as she writes some pretty cool tutorials! 

I also located Jennyz2Dreams tutorial site and added her blinkie too!  She writes wonderful tutorials!  

My Stalker sites are now listed to the right also.  No need to go to a separate page to get to them. :)  So after getting that put together, eliminated that page altogether.

All of the Tutorial Sites are also listed on the right, directly under the Stalker sites.  

I have 2 new pages up now.  One for Tobey & Buttons my Manx kitty twins and one for my Landscape Photos.  On the Landscape photos, unless used by themselves in a tag or forum background, no © is needed, merely a mention of photo by rhon '06 would be enough.  Thanks.

It rained all morning.  The temps are now in the 60's and the sun came out for a gorgeous day!  I'm loving it and so are Tobey and Buttons.  They both keep standing up to the screen door checking everything out.

I saw my first robin of the year yesterday when I was walking to Aldi's for milk and he was singing away in the top of a tree.  Beautiful site!  Spring is here now.  Tomorrow is supposed to be in the mid 60's with a boatload of sunshine so the patio furniture is heading outside.  YIPPEE!

Have a wonderful day everyone.  Tell your loved ones how much they mean to you and yes, tell them you love them.  Tomorrow you may not have the chance.

Sending Love and Hugs,

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