Sunday, March 11, 2012

Happy Sunday!
OMGosh it's a glorious day here today coming in at 67 degrees and loads of sunlight!  I am so loving it!  Door/windows fresh air!  I took advantage of it and trekked over to Aldi's for milk and ice cream.  Oh yeah, choco sauce too. lol  I am so bad. ROFLMAO  Ice Cream is just my drug o' choice! :)

Yup yup gotta have it.

Off to get dinner now.  Fish fry leftovers. MMM love Tilapia!
So do the kitties. rofl!

**New Kitty Page**: Pitter Patter Kitty Feet a photo gallery in the 
above Menu. All about the Babes.

Have a fabtaboulous Sunday everyone!  Take care and 
Stay Safe!

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