Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Yes, I'm purple today.  My favorite color.  Tuesday, well, really Wednesday because Letterman's on, the cats are waiting for me to come to bed, they're in there crying. ugh

I just added Karron Cobb Weiss page.  She's a wonderful photographer and a V.I.P. member of our group 4TARTLovers.   You will find her page at the top in the menu.

Also added Lisa Cree's Shop!  Talk about an awesome Artist!  Lisa is fantastic!  So, MyTagArt Store sadly closed it's doors and Lisa opened her own store!  Now she has several/many Artists also selling their artwork at her store!  How cool is this!  You can find her page in the top menu also!

I also added my really sweet, wonderful girl friends blinkie to my front page to the top/right here!  Whynter has a lovely blog!  Ya need to stop over there and say hi to her!  Oh yes, I also added a page for Whynter "WhyntersWhonders" in the top menu.  Just in case you miss the pretty blinkie. 

Lastly, Nadia Tate is in the top menu also.  She creates the most fabtabulous Fairies ever.  I fell in love with her art a couple of years ago.  I've never seen fairies painted so delicately and beautiful in all my years.  Wonderful work.

Okies, I put Law&Order on, got sick o' David so will end here.  Have a great evening all.

Hugs and Blessings,
Rhonda a.k.a. Rhon


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