Saturday, February 25, 2012

Fabby Saturday!

Hello, It’s a frigid, windy, cloudy day here in BG on this fine Saturday.  I’m ok with that though because tomorrow is the most welcome “DAYTONA 500″ !!!  Well, as long as it doesn’t rain that is!  The weather channel is forecasting rain but I’m sure hoping it stays dry in Daytona!  I’ve been waiting for this race!  I watch it every year and absolutely love it!
***News Flash***
I’ve added 2 New Pages!
One is for Karron Cobb Weiss, a fabulous Photographer from Alaska!  Just check the menu up topside and you will see the button for her page.  A must visit!
I’ve also added a New Page for Whynter of WhyntersWonders.  
There’s a button at the top in the menu for her sites also.
You can visit her blog there, or go to her Scrap Kit site and find some luscious Scrap Kits, and on top of that, she writes Tutorials for Paint Shop Pro!  I’ve been PSP’ing for over 10 years now and find that there’s always, always something new to learn!  Please do check her sites out!

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