Wednesday, September 1, 2010

All About the Babes

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My babes that is. 

Joey the Cat.  My 3yr old adopted from the Humane Society.  I call him my Angel Kitty.


Tobey & Buttons.  Ferals, abandoned, found and fostered by me.  I love cats and the thought of any type of predator hurting these babes gave me cause to act immediately in bringing them home.


These 2 little guys were abandoned by their 1yr old mamma who couldn’t take care of them anymore.  Beau noticed them on our walk home by the front apartment building.  I immediately scooped them up carrying them home in my shirt being pulled by Beau who I think was more excited than I was at the moment.

Toby is the top kitty babe and Buttons is the bottom.  They are about 12 days old here.  They’re eyes weren’t open the day we found them, but were open the following day.  Roughly 9 or 10 days old.

It was a rush to get some kitten replacement milk, set up a nursery for them and clean them up.

We are now past replacement milk, following 3 nipples being destroyed by teething kittens. lol  They are eating fine on they’re own.  I mix canned kitten food and dry kitten food so they get a good mix.

They were totally litter trained at five weeks.  No problems.

They’re 9 weeks old now.  Very independent, loving and playful.  They found the bed over a week ago, now I can’t move my feet for fear of toes being amputated!  They love that game!  I have to wear slippers and/or shoes around the house because they lay in wait for available ankles and toes.  I am guessing other body parts are in the near future.  Feral?  Tamed?  Whoa, can they be ornery!

I am mamma.  They follow me everywhere and when I’m sitting down in the living room, they are usually lolling around on my chest or lap.  Or laptop.  We’ve already had those discussions of staying off the keyboard because they keep changing everything around and mamma gets lost easy.

These are my babes.  They made it.  With God’s help of course.  I have never done this before, raising kittens and I winged a few things, but cats are resilient and I think these two still have nine lives intact.  I forgot to mention.  They have no tails.  Just little stubbies.  They are Manx kittens.  They meet the Vet next Tuesday.

Goodnight all.

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