Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Welcome 2011 Happy, Healthy New Years!

Well Hi, I guess we’re all done migrating from Windows Live. lol  Not bad, WordPress is very cool!
It’s a great day today!  First Tuesday in 2011.  It’s awful windy, so am hibernating until Spring!  I am so not a Winter person.  Nope, sorry, never liked the cold, and now it’s even worse with my being older.  If God had wanted me to enjoy Winter, He’d of made me a Polar Bear!
The kittens, Tobey & Buttons are now six months old.  They’ve had their shots for the year, and are doing fabulous!  They are both bundles of energy and fun!  Manx to the max!
Not much to comment on or about right now, this is my first WP post so boring, boring…lol  I need to d/l photos off my camera then I’ll update on fur baby pics.
Later tater…

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