Saturday, August 20, 2011

My Fun "eh-hem" Summer

June 28th I ended up in the hospital with gallbladder problems and a case of very painful Pancreatitus.  I still can’t believe all the tests they had to do before finding out what was actually wrong.  The Pancreatitus was masquerading as heart problems.  I spent eight days starving because with pancreatitus you can’t eat so it can resolve itself.  I was on an IV that provided liquids and medicines the entire time.  There was no sleeping as I was in so much pain, there was no comfortable way to lay or sit or anything.  I felt like a mexican jumping bean in my hospital bed.
Finally home, I was put on a liquid diet of bouillon cubes and ramen noodles and Lipton cup o’ soup until the doctor’s follow up trip.  Then he said I could have mashed potatoes w/o butter, rice, white meat chicken and the other white meat like pork loin.  This is my diet until my gall bladder gets removed which isn’t going to happen until after my next Cat Scan on August 29th. ugh.  Then he’ll probably schedule the surgery so that he’ll have someone to assist him with the camera while he does the surgery.  Fun stuff.  Right.
I missed out on the 4th of July being in the hospital.  The rest of my summer is filled with boring, boring taking it easy so I don’t upset and cause my pancreas to act up again.
Oh.  The time I spent in the hospital killed my lovely little garden that had so many yummie veggies and flowers.  With nothing being watered during the hottest part of the summer, everything shrivelled up and died.  I was so depressed about.  But then there’s always next year and I have already started planning for it.  I pray to God that I don’t have any health issues next summer and get my happy garden!
later tater.

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